Before I start posting any truly profound ideas, which you will no doubt get your full share of here, I want to talk about something slightly more down to earth. The winter solstice has come and gone and I was just so surprised at how unseasonable and mild the weather was today. Of course it was probably a lot different in your neck of the woods. Here in New York the temperatures were up in the high 50’s. For those of you concerned with global warming this might come as some concern to you given the trends which might contribute to rising water levels and the flooding of humanity or the literal end of it all. To me, the winter season couldn’t be made more warmer and comfortable for me to live through. Just because it’s a few days before Christmas doesn’t mean I have to love snow. Snow may seem pretty but it’s a pain in the ass to drive through. So, I was pleasantly surprised to welcome the winter solstice with the unseasonable weather that Mother Earth gave to us here. It also gave me the opportunity to finish up the much needed leave raking that I needed to do.

The winter solstice has been, until recently, recognized and celebrated by druids and pagans alike. Now it’s become recognized more in popular culture and reported by the local news. It’s good for us to mark these times and changes throughout the year. It’s really cool that we stop every once in a while and appreciate Mother Earth. We live upon her and all which she provides for us makes it possible for our bodily survival. We must thank Her every day.

Happy Winter Solstice.


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