Bureaucratic Success

Anyone who works for a large or small corporation is very much familiar with the bureaucratic pitfalls and frustration that one has to deal with having to do with the inherent hierarchical management structure within it. This actually serves a very important function in maintaining the longevity of the company and allowing it to be somewhat efficient but in the end it always winds up frustrating all of us who work within such a system and being an indirect cause of the jadedness we all eventually experience as a result of failing to work effectively in that structure.

 Who of us hasn’t, from the inception of our career at that company, at some point in time, been initially inspired to work for that company only to become disenchanted with it and all the company represents once we attain some sort of level of success as we got into that middle management tier? No doubt this has been written about by many other authors who have expounded upon the pitfalls of seeking upper-level management jobs within the company we so innocently interviewed for and labored greatly to achieve? I will not bore you with that. What I propose here is a tool with which to allay the usual disingenuous and predictable attitudes inherent within the minds of most lower-level employees of these kinds of companies, and help you avoid the pitfalls of negative thinking in hopes of allowing you to see a way for you, if you so choose, to work within that bureaucratic system, achieve your goals and be successful.

 Too many wrong decisions are made by people who work for those corporations when they throw away a perfectly good career away on the grounds of that working in that job created too many “headaches”.  What is it that created those “headaches” in the first place. Was it the stress related to the particular job requirements inherent in the position? You wanted the job when you applied for it, right? Why would you have applied for and interviewed for a job that sucked? No, you obviously went to a four year college, invested thousands of dollars in your education on a very specific degree only to work at it for 15 years and throw it down the tubes because it sucks?

Therefore, there was another reason why you left, why anybody leaves a good job for a reputable company which so happens to be run under a bureaucratic structure. Most of the time we begin and maintain careers in a company we are obviously excited and passionate about but we also fail to comprehend how to work effectively and efficiently within a bureaucratic organization.

 Now, I’m not here to teach you how to beat the system or be an ideal bureaucrat so that you can be successful. A bureaucracy is a system of organization. It is not an ideal work environment for any human being to work within. But, in this imperfect world it tends to operate well enough to further companies along within the capitalist system which is the most efficient means of economic success that we know of at this point in time. Until a better system emerges to take it’s place then that will be he rule. For now we have to learn to live and work and create success within the bureaucratic system.


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