The Most Interesting Man On Earth…In The Flesh

I am a man about the world yet I have the advantage of standing a part from it so that I can view it objectively.  Another man who shared this same perspective is Ernest Hemingway of whom you are no doubt familiar. Like Mr. Hemingway I Am The Most Interesting Man On Earth. Like Hemingway I, too, am an author and like Hemingway I, too am a very observant man, with eyes that scour the environment around me seeking to understand and comprehend the unique but complicated world I find myself very much a part of. But, unlike Ernest Hemingway……..I Am Alive.

Yes…sadly…Mr. Hemingway no longer occupies those same physical dimensions upon this mortal plane. Hey, he did his time, his bodily functions have ceased to function and he just up and died. However……I Am Alive.

No, I’m not the physical reincarnation of Ernest Hemingway. I’ve had other incarnations before this which I won’t get into at this moment. That is information which shall be revealed in due time.

You may refer to me by the acronym HDH.

What I’d like to do in this blog is to, 1) explain just why I am the most interesting man in the world and 2) how this world of which I presently share with you is so rich with experiences and lessons that anyone seriously engaged in it’s ongoing business can never hope to get bored.

You might think, “How could you say something so presumptuous as to admit you are the most interesting man in the world. That honor belongs to the Dos Equis man.”

Yea, but the Dos Equis man is an image created by some clever ad agency. However, I Am Alive.

He, or rather, It doesn’t exist. The Dos Equis man is a figment of someone’s imagination used to sell a bottle of beer. Perhaps if they used the Dos Equis man to sell Negro Modelo, (which is a comparable beer but of much better quality) then that would serve to honor a man of that caliber, although it is just a mythological figure, to a greater extent. Well, enough with the Dos Equis man. I will, however, speak of him (or It) in another post.

So, the reason why I am seemingly brave to admit this and even risk my reputation even at this initial posting of my blog is that I truly am The Most Interesting Man On Earth. In my opinion this is what I presume to be true about myself and I am completely entitled to believe this just as you are to  question my belief.

So, stay tuned for more interesting things to read from The Hemingway Depot, The Most Interesting Man On Earth.


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