The Hypothetical Universe

The secret to surviving in the 21st century without losing either your mind or your soul is at least a basic rudimentary understanding of “A Course In Miracles”.  What the information in this book does is enable you to dismantle the oppressively aggressive affects that the ego has upon you so that you can begin to live as you were created.

Okay, of course I have anticipated the almost predictable response toward the phrase, you were created. Bear with me for a while and, if you would, accept the premise that you are the result of intelligent design. And, for those of you who may embrace atheism as your belief, it may surprise you that I’m a lot more supportive of your belief than you might think.

We go about our day, each and every day, from hour to hour, moment to moment without ever being aware of just how entangled we all are with our ego. Our preoccupation with our ego, or our unchecked desire to let it rule us, is the mindset we’ve created with which—if you accept this particular aspect of causality—we create all of the reality around us. On many different levels we have, individually and collectively created the world we have chosen to exist within. However, what if I told you that at the moment of your choosing we could, theoretically, take leave of this terribly unproductive obsession, bring balance to the right and left hemispheres of your brain and live in the present? You could conceivably do this. However, it would take an immense amount of will power which very few people are capable of conjuring up. That’s why this book, “A Course In Miracles” was commissioned.

“A Course In Miracles” is a book. Google it. It’s sold on It’s not one of those New Age feel good books. It was written by a couple of medical psychologists who were professors at Columbia University who were far from religious. What came out of the writings of Helen Schucman’s writings is the wisdom of Jesus. This is far different and not what you’d expect to read from the pages of the Bible’s New Testament. It does, however, provide a very effective means with which to dismantle the destructive and non-productive influences of the ego. But, if you don’t believe in God or Jesus that’s alright. You don’t have to. It’s actually much better if you’re an atheist with no religious background because that way there will be nothing to interfere with you taking the steps you need to dismantle the obstructive influences of the ego.

So, why did I choose the title of this article, “The Hypothetical Universe” and what does it have to do with some book that you’ll never read called “A Course In Miracles”?

When I say “Hypothetical Universe” I am, in effect, leaving open for as many interpretations of this universe you are a part of as you’ve had thoughts go through your head since you were born. The only thing I ask that you accept is the premise that The Universe Is Inherently Imperfect.

That, my friends, might just be the long sought after cosmic secret of the universe. It was arrived at by a group of physicists, including Stephen Hawking, having to do with understanding the role of gravity shortly (or after a few million years) following the Big Bang. There’s probably a lot of math and physics formulas involved with it but what I got out of it was: if the universe is inherently imperfect then this would allow for free will. Now, if free will is ever so prevalent in our universe and on our planet then that would explain why the philosophers describe physical life on Earth to be of a dualistic nature. Ever since time began mankind’s great social, technological and moral accomplishments have shared the same stage with it’s deepest, darkest failures. We’re all so proud of most of our accomplishments which have changed us all in a positive way but in the same breath we’re absolutely ashamed of the bad that has occurred especially when evil followed a great human accomplishment. And then we ask, if most of the people living on this planet believe in God then where was He when the shit hit the fan. How could He allow such a thing to happen. I won’t elaborate on those events. You’re very much aware of what I’m talking about.

A free will universe can either be a place where anything goes and people can do whatever they want to each other irrespective of moral laws or where we all have the presence of mind to create from all of those beautiful minds, a world, a civilization which is unparalleled in it’s ability to create an infinite variety of awesome accomplishments. That civilization will have its ups and downs. We will learn from our mistakes. It is due to the fact that the universe is inherently imperfect that it is our sacred birthright to take advantage of the opportunities of our mistakes and have the power to learn from them and grow.

The reason that “A Course In Miracles” has the appeal that it has for me is because for all of my life I have been at the effect of the dark side of the ego. All that I have ever known throughout my life is that things are so confusing, I am out of sorts so much. I even look in the mirror and I know for a fact that old adage that says, Beauty is only skin deep. I am very much aware of the fact, be truth or a mistaken aberration, that there is something so wrong below the level of my skin. I know that I am a rather handsome human male but something seems to ooze up from out of my pores, it seems, and express itself as an interesting form of ugliness which is what I see when I look at the mirror.

This has clearly nothing to do with my facial or bodily features but something that is making itself known to me. A friend of mine tells me often enough that I am a handsome man but deep down I cannot believe her. But, what am I seeing?

I have often heard of the notion that most of the time the eyes plays tricks on us. It is actually true that it is impossible for the eyes to convey to us an accurate picture of reality. For one obvious reason this is, our visual organ takes in only raw information where it’s transferred via a network of neural pathways until it arrives at the appropriate area in the brain where it is processed. In essence, what we “see” is a result arrived at entirely through indirect means. We never see first hand or in real time. The time it takes for that processing to take place is almost instantaneous but it does take a measure of time for the raw data to be processed and therefore within those nanoseconds is enough of a temporal span with which to  give us an inaccurate view and understanding of reality.

Therefore, in essence, we cannot and should not trust what it is we see. And this is the way in which the teachings of “A Course In Miracles” begins helping us wean ourselves away from the thousands of years of brainwashing we have constantly undergone in order to create the society and the reality we find ourselves a part of.

And so what would it yield for us to dismantle this ego-based belief system?  In all brevity, the ego has been responsible for all of the suffering experienced by mankind since time began. So, would that be enough reason to dismantle it. Not really because of all the suffering it has caused humanity it has helped us accomplish quite a lot. Human Beings, since our Earth-bound civilization began, have experienced a very dualistic world. Suffering has gone hand in hand with happiness. Great failures have existed along side awesome accomplishments. And it has all come into reality by being willed into reality from the extension of our split brains into what we have created with our hands. Therefore, and although it’s impossible, we’d be throwing the baby out with the bathwater if we could eliminate the ego’s tyrannical affects on us all in one instant.

A second disadvantage to eliminate out ego with one swift stroke is that the society and the culture and civilization we have created, for all of it’s faults, is something at least we can work with right now. I believe there is enough of a foothold that the rational aspect of humanity has that it is worth saving. It will serve the purpose of being the ground with which to seed the future of humanity based upon the teachings in “A Course In Miracles”.

A third reason not to dismantle it is that for all of us, in that instant, to totally disassociate with what we consider “real” would throw us all and our civilization into a tailspin that we could only imagine in our most horrific nightmares. So, our teacher, Jesus, has chosen to lead us through this next stage in our existence through a book that is very curiously written as to summon the writing style of William Shakespeare. It’s very poetically written. It could have been written a whole lot more directly. But, that would be a terrible mistake. Let me explain why.

The secret of the Universe is that it was created with an inherent element of imperfection. This element of imperfection is what allows every individual on every planet in every galaxy throughout the Universe to have free will. There are other people living in other Universes which are not as free as we are who don’t experience the level of free will that we have become so accustomed to. But, because of that lack of element of free will they have lived perfectly happy and content existing as God or the original creator intended. But, God one day decided to try something different. He imagined a universe among the billion or so he had already created which when thrust out away from him and given time to evolve through gathering information and growing and bringing all of that back to Him took just a little longer to do it. But, He was willing to be patient and wait because it was something He had never done before. This was His Grand Experiment. Oh but its not that all of those billion universes were not as good as He would have wanted. They were some of the best things he had ever created. He just wanted to try something different or perhaps there was some other reason or underlying ultimatum involved but let’s just say that He was in the mood for thinking outside of the box.




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