The Most Interesting Man On Earth

The preceding post might just contain clues that would lead you to believe that I am indeed the most interesting man on Earth. The reason that I am is not because of one or a few particular things I’ve accomplishments but precisely because I am able to draw from a host of disciplines from which to see the big picture.

What we will need to redirect our civilization here on Earth so that we can live in peace and prosperity is a goal bigger than ourselves. We’ve achieved great things and made our mistakes along the way just within the last 114 years. We have a very mature understanding of the world we live in, to suit our purposes now, and it is now time to take ownership of our solar system.

By the end of the summer, this year, we shall see if Rosetta is successful in sampling the comet she lands upon. If not then we’ll keep trying till we are. Upon her successful mission both Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries will be spearheading the sending of robotic probes out to find the best asteroids with which to begin analyzing its contents, primarily water, with which to develop chemical fuel.

The idea, according to both of these companies, is to establish fueling depots, strategically located, to enable more probes to go in search of more asteroids. For years, possibly decades, this will be a robotic mission. Or, based upon what is found in those asteroids, the process could be accelerated to the point in which the next stage of human participation in asteroid mining can begin to take place.

What I see happening in the next twenty years, or sooner, is that half of these fueling depots are established throughout the solar system like the Silk Road was which enabled traders to go back and forth between Europe and the far east creating a growing commerce as well as more intricate trade roots and new cities. The more there are of these fueling depots the more developed this “highway” shall be for space probes and manned missions.

The other half of these depots should be established within the orbit of Mars and then on the planet surface along with self sufficient, robotically maintained green houses to be ready for the first manned mission there in the 2030’s.

One thing more I haven’t mentioned, and is worth mentioning, is the importance of establishing space initiative lobbyists in Washington D.C. who will work on developing some basic laws which need to be adhered to by the companies operating mining missions in our solar system. For one, it is of course understandable that these companies need to make a profit. In the beginning most of their profit should go to research and developing for more advanced technology with which to do this mining more efficiently and cost effective so that we can make the switch over from relying upon robotic work and begin employing a human work force within a healthy environment.

But, what I believe is the overriding purpose behind mining these asteroids and other mining projects within our solar system is using the technology, materials and money for helping solve many of our problems here on Earth. There is no doubt in my mind that with the potential that this sort of project garners, the yields will be sufficient for creating a new age, an unprecedented boom of progress unforeseen by us which will propel us successfully through this new century into the 22nd century.


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