Groundhogs Caught In the Superbowl



[Cue Sonny & Cher tune, “I got you”]

“Well, put your little hand in mine; there ain’t no mountain we can climb….I got you babe…I got you babe….

[Wonderful idyllic song from the sixties gets rudely but fun-lovingly interrupted (it seems) by a scruffy and rambunctious radio talk host]

“Hey folks,” (the radio announcer comes on in a scruffy voice with his co-host while broadcasting to the residents of Punxsutawney PA.), “get up out of bed and get yer booties on cause’ it’s cold out there…”

No, you’re not dreaming. You have now awakened within the cozy comforter laden bed and breakfast furnished room to the reality that it is and forever shall be………


If you haven’t seen it, what I just described is a scene from a very funny but thought-provoking movie starring Bill Murray and Andie Mcdowell.  A must see for all of you women and perhaps men, too, who aren’t at this moment caught up in the anticipation of this afternoon’s superbowl festivities.

Women of America………before your husband, significant other or hot residual one night stand crowds in front of the tv with their Seahawks and Broncos jerseys behind a chip and buffalo wings laden coffee table……find the time to watch “Groundhog Day”.

You’ll be glad you did.     And that is all sports fans.



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