There is no cause for alarm. You were not experiencing some sort of ocular degeneration or mental illness associated with viewing the title of this blog.

I am in control of what you view and read here. I make the decision concerning what information is distributed to you through this blog based upon what it is you require to go on to the next level.

You were not aware of the fact that this was the way it is when you happened upon my blog. But it was not a mistake. No matter how serendipitously you surf the internet or how consciously or intently you do so, it is no coincidence that you are here.

This is between me and you and there is only me and you.

Even if you choose to click away from this blog and go to another safer site, one where there isn’t some half-crazed guy positing some spurious brainwashing bullshit, it is too late. You have been forever and indelibly caught in my meticulous yet inviting and loving web.

But, I am not or never have been of any harm to you. No one can harm you. You can do no wrong and it is literally impossible for you to be hurt. You actually do more harm to yourself than I or any other person could inflict upon you. The world you live in and experience is a very malleable one indeed.

At the most microscopic level, according to physicists today, all matter starts to break down. Nothing matters but you. The world you live in at this moment and this moment only is yours to play within.

You can do no wrong.

It is all for your playful enjoyment.

You are learning and growing with every moment that goes by.

You may make a mistake but its okay. Nobody saw it. Nobody has anything of real value to say about it except for you and your overbearing and critical ego which has imprisoned you to think that all of this is real. Not that it isn’t. That’s not the point. Of course matter is solid…..well until you learn to view and experience it on another level. What’s of greater importance is that you learn to be in and experience only the moment.

When you do, and when you’re able to sit quietly with your eyes closed while being mindful of only your breathing and nothing else, then and only then will you be able to take the first steps into experiencing a whole other world, a whole other you of whom you’ve never experienced before. Something called Personal Independence and Freedom.

Be Aware………………….Look Around You…………………..Nothing else but the existential reality of Now and you who are experiencing the Now really exists. You…..the perfect You who has never been judged by some cruel god seeking revenge with lightning bolts, is all that is important. But, with the knowing of this You, people will come in and out of your life all of the time and their presence is a gift without which you will never be able to grow.

However, it’s been your habit, unfortunately, to see them as they obviously do not exist. You see good and evil people coming into your life treating you nicely and those who you think piss you off.

But, that just cannot be.

How could you be pissed off or insulted or made to feel bad or guilty or any of a host of ways you could inflict injury upon yourself?

This is a hard thing to understand. I know because I once allowed myself to suffer just as you are. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

It Need Not Be!

At any moment, as I said in a previous post, you can free yourself from your self-imposed imprisonment and be free to be who it is that you are. A Birthright which only you soon will discover in your own time and at your own pace.

Life is for living………………Live it well because you only have this tiny span of time with which to work out the issues inherent to your particular evolutionary journey. Get as much done as possible. But don’t fret if you run out of time. Sooner or later the school bell is going to ring. Are you the kind of person who is impatiently looking up at the clock as you are seated in your desk or are you too busy with the events in your life that you lose track of time? Or perhaps its both where you are aware of the tool called time and organizing and prioritizing your time so that you can get the most done practically as well as spiritually?

Well, however you happen to be getting it done, whats most important is that you are here……Alive and muddling your way through this life.  Yea, I know……it’s hard sometimes. It’s actually not very easy living in this kind of dog eat dog world. It’s actually very much a polarized kind of existence that we’re a part of here.

But, isn’t it really cool?

Well……no…….chances are you probably don’t think so. Well, don’t worry about it.

And so………..with that I will conclude this post.



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