Entropy, Black holes, and a Whole Lot Of Weird Crap Part 2

The presence of ley lines on the Earth is not the stuff of science fiction. Cloris Bleakman has done extensive research on the geological electromagnetic fields generated on our planet as it relates to Ley Lines. She is a Columbia University fellow and former professor whose field in electromagnetism as outlined in her book, “Blatant Correspondence In The Derek Jenkins Model” is redefining the way we see the reality around us.

“There is a prevalent presence of Jenkin coordinates (ley lines) which cover the entire surface of the Earth. What we are looking at here is a remapping and rethinking of our planets gravitational field as it relates to movement and spacial integrity.”

Okay, suspend, if you will for the moment, all of the things that make sense concerning reality that makes sense to us all. Recall, however, what I talked about in an earlier blog concerning what Steven Hawking has written and spoken about concerning his arguments on gravity. Namely, the audacious notion that this universe which we find ourselves a part of, like it or not, is inherently imperfect. The only way for our universe to have gone past the stage of the Big Bang was for there to be, at a fundamental level, a slightly skewed organization of atoms and molecules.

What does that mean?

The universe, the physical world is inherently subject to polarization. Entropy, or the tendency for matter to fall into disorganization, is very much an active force in our lives. We are constantly fighting against it. It is far easier to let things go naturally into disorganization than commit ourselves to the stress of pushing it uphill into organization. Organization, Entropy. Light and Dark.

But, life on Earth doesn’t usually make it so overwhelmingly difficult. But, when there is an overabundance of electromagnetic coordinates or Ley Lines then all bets are off. Usually, most of the locations where this is evident happen to be what are termed, Power Spots. This is where our ancestors established and built temples, churches. This is where the structure of Stonehenge was built.

The reason why these sacred places were built upon these intersecting ley lines is that this is where the laws of physics and logic and reason were less likely to apply. They still apply but to a less extent. This is what physicists have discovered about black holes. Black holes are locations of intense gravity on steroids, where a very large star has gone into supernova, exploded leaving a state of very intense gravity to the extent to which even light cannot escape its incredible pull. Get near enough to a black hole and you get sucked, warped and distorted as you travel down into the event horizon just as Alice did when she fell down the rabbit hole.

But, not all black holes do such horrific damage. Some, as is the case for what is described with the crossing coordinates of ley lines, are minute black holes but they are still where the laws of physics apply to a less extent. There is no room for the laws of logic and rationality where there is positioned a temple or a church. Logic and rationality is a detriment to spirituality. Think too much and you miss a very important point with which spirituality is trying to convey to you. So, temples and churches were, in ancient times, built on intersecting ley lines so that they could take advantage of this quality about these location which tended to subdue the effects of logic and rationality and give rise to the use of the right brain of the human being. So, locate a business such as a major retail store on intersecting ley lines and you subject those working there as well as the customers frequenting that establishment to the prevailing and seemingly frustrating effects of entropy, disorganization, the effort of the left brain of the human being to order the world around them.

Now, I know that what I’ve talked about here is unusual and kind of weird but no doubt you’ve had similar thoughts or perhaps you saw something on the Science Channel on that “Ancient Aliens” program that’s gotten pretty popular.   Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment form boxes below.


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