Entropy, Black holes, and a Whole Lot Of Weird Crap Part I



“Jerry,” I yelled to this guy I sort of half recognized who was walking across the street. I thought I knew him. Hell, I knew this guy…  “Jerry, over here.” I continued raising my voice as I directed it toward the intended recipient of my vocal broadcast.

“Jim?” he said as he turned around and instantly recognized me. “Is that really you? Man, I’m sorry; I was looking at this chick over across the street as she was bending down to take a drink of water from the water fountain. You know what I mean, man. She had this tight skirt on and like….”

“You got a minute, Jerry?” I asked. “I have a few interesting ideas that I wanted to bounce off of you before I post them on my blog.”

“Your what?”

“My blog…” I said and then caught myself in a half sentence. “Oh wow, sorry, man. Like I know you probably didn’t know what the hell I was talking to you about.”

You see Jerry’s dead. His name is Jerry Garcia. Jerry was the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead, a band that got started in the 60’s. It was one of the more popular psychedelic bands. You could say that they defined what psychedelic music is. But, you know, just because he’s dead doesn’t mean I can’t talk to him. You may think this is really weird but people who have passed on to the spiritual plane exist in a parallel level of reality. So, its impossible to relate to that world with the body but it can be done with the mind.

“So, what is this “Blog” thing you’re talking about?” Jerry cut in. “Wait a minute; don’t tell me. It’s an acronym for Behave Like Orange Gravy.”

“Wow, I never thought of it that way.” I lowered my head slightly as I slightly went into deep thought.

“Yea,” He continued. “You can do it. Watch me, I can do it. We can all do it.”

And then, in the blink of an eye Jerry turned into this orange goo with the consistency of gravy.

“How am I doing, Jim?”

“That’s pretty cool, Jer, but I don’t have much time; I have something I need to get off my chest.”

“Shoot,” He replied. “But, uh, do you mind if I stay like this?”

Jerry got a very evident stare back from me that said volumes.

“Okay, okay.” He replied and then he resumed his quasi-human form.

“Well, you know that idea of entropy you were batting around be….”

“Entropy….” he cut in.  “yea man, that word, that idea. That pretty much sums up whatever went on in the Grateful Dead. But, go ahead. What do you think?”

“Well, I can’t get into specifics here but what if I told you that from time to time I’ve had the experience of being in a place where entropy and creative intelligence operate side by side, interacting in a way where they organically needed each other?”

“Wow,” Jerry said with an awestruck look on his face. “That’s what Grateful Dead is.  You know what? Go ahead and ask Phil.  He was just interviewed by Rolling Stone and it came out this past Friday. Read it;  It’ll give you some insight on it.”

“By the way,”  I said. “Where were you going just now?”

“Oh, yea…there’s this Grateful Dead tribute band that’s playing at the Terrapin and I thought I’d sit in for a set.”

“By the way, I was listening to a show you did back in February of 1974 where you guys jammed He’s Gone, Truckin’ Other One, Eyes of the World and Bid you goodnight. It was tight, cosmic and just awesome, man.”

“That’s cool,” He said as he smiled. “I’m with all of you dead maniacs when you listen to our music. It’s nice, though, when we get into just the right groove. Definitely does a number on entropy. I mean, experiencing entropy is, in itself an experience unto itself but its nice to come out of it like we do so you can release the tension.”

“Right on, Jerry.” I replied. “Looking forward to reading Phil’s interview.”

“Cool. See you around, man.”

So, no doubt this may appeal to all of those Dead Heads out there. (You know who you are…those quiet, cautious loyal adherents to the origin of the word “Hip” who linger confidently yet slightly uncomfortably at parties where best music they play is Led Zepplin).  I know how it is. But, here I’ve referenced, even injected good ole Jerry into the first part of this interesting post.

Let me hear from ya.   Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment form boxes below.




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