The Cryptic Code of Jealous gods

The following text is fully intended to seem very surreal and utterly meaningless. What you will be reading is a coded message which is very difficult to break. A very good friend of mine works for SETI. He claims that on the evening of February 21, 2014   he received a very clear message from an interdimensional starship in orbit around Saturn’s moon, Titan, who intercepted one of SETI’s radio telescope broadcasts. However, although his colleagues were enthusiastic about making this public, they were told by the government not to publish the message. He so stubbornly insisted on getting this out only to have his life threatened if he did. He was very adamant about getting this out and so we discussed it at length and decided that this would be the best way to do it.

—Beginning Transmission—

The cauliflower humpback daisy tilted to one side of the olive coin and basked in the warmth of the cold lonely brook of shame. With ladylike manners of obstinate fools in yellow hemorrhoids beating with yellow aspirin yolks, Betty slammed the door on forever’s witch hazel and plummeted forty feet below what could be imagined as a blatant call for help from the frog’s left tongue of tomorrow. Naturally, the cornstalk cried rivers of sweet blood enough so that the tower of trouble’s dancing mannequins headed straight for the gladiolas in a fit of forgetting rain.

Later on, daddy dumped a pile of belated forgetmenots but never quite knew the reason why he darted under the rainbow’s toilet bowl full of german surprise attacks. The daffodils had had quite enough.

“We’re gonna get tough.” They quibbled into their soup. “Fool us once with pie for breakfast, Fool us twice in the evening sun’s water palace. But cut the jaded princess into multi-delicious mud pies in the oven baked for exactly the time it takes to throw them into the rabbits hole and you’ve got a recipe for all of the times a mad hatter ever tripped over the golden fleece’s cake creams only to swallow the money bolt in one huge gulp.”

And like the killing quake’s silver spoon of thunder, the hunger lingered into the setting dawn swallowing mountains of blue feathers until the gravity reversed and plunged head on into the other day.

There, by the lightning waves of shadows, lie the questions of millions of toadstools in the limelight having a party for none.

—End Transmission—


Good luck to all of those who treasure truth and abhor all of the stonewalling our government has thrown up in the wake of Roswell.   Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment form boxes below.



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