Neil Degrasse Tyson Doesn’t Believe in Contacting Aliens

This is a comment concerning a video of a conversation Neil Degrasse Tyson had with Biologist Richard Dawkins.  ( Halfway through it you will find how he seems to argue against Humanity’s need for extraterrestrial contact. The following is from the comments I made on youtube where this particular video was posted.

I hope everyone is listening carefully to the proverbial foot that Tyson just stuck into his mouth here. He, like so many other astronomers and even those asserting the existence of extraterrestrial life, took the difference between humans and aliens to the extreme and thus negated any further purpose in seeking to communicate with other civilizations who share this universe with us. He tells us that aliens must be so  extremely different than us, so far more intelligent than us that in comparison to them we are pondscum. Then, Mr. Tyson, could you avail to us any reason whatsoever, why we would want to send them messages from our radiotelescopes? What’s the point if what these aliens will decipher from it is just dribble to them. You could actually infer from Mr. Tyson that he embraces the religious fundamentalist perspective of the search for extraterrestrial life. Why do it? They are so very different  from us. They don’t share our beliefs. How can they?  They’re superintelligent and we’re pond scum. They don’t believe in God because they might just be God. How can we relate to a god-species who, according to the bible, would rather see us dead struck by his thunderbolts of doom than have us disobey him and be alienated from our much needed belief in him. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of theoretical physicists end up doing. What probably is the case–and unfortunately this cannot be sufficiently proven–is that since there is such a flagrant difference between the highest evolved ape and humans we must eventually attribute that to that there was some sort of interaction between other worldly humans living in other solar systems or galaxies who visited us thousands of years ago and manipulated the ape genes to create a hybrid called Homo Sapiens. Just the same way in which we are not from the country of our seeming origin but from Africa, it must also be true that Human Beings do not originate from this planet and originally (based on our genetic makeup) hail from far away in either another solar system or another galaxy.


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