Jack In The Beanstalk & The Holy Grail

Thought you knew about “Jack in the Beanstalk”?  What if you don’t know “Jack”.  Perhaps you ought to consider more carefully this tried and true bedtime story you read to you your children.  Once Upon A Time…….

…..just recently, Hollywood, by way of director, Bryan Singer and screenplay writers, Darren Lemke and Christopher McQuarrie offered to us a seemingly intriguing major motion picture retelling of the children’s fable “Jack and the Beanstalk” entitled, “Jack the Giant Slayer”. I thought this was especially entertaining. But, it was interesting more for the reasons that I explained previously in my last post.

This is, like everything else we see on the silver screen or the television not to be taken seriously. This is, and should only be seen as a metaphor if it is to have any value at all. All of the characters, the plot…Everything is symbolic and thanks to some really great special effects, the story, as it was handed down to us from the time important information was transmitted via word of mouth through the art of storytelling, it can be shown to us as it may have been originally told. If you’re lucky, your watching the movie and picking up the clues which the writers have inserted for your convenience, will allow you to take the opportunity to read in between the lines so to get at what’s really going on here.

“Jack and the Beanstalk” is about The Grail Legend. For your information, whenever you hear a children’s story or any mythological story in which within it there are kings, queens, princesses and heros, you can bet your life this is concerning The Grail Legend or the blood lineage of Jesus and Mary.

That’s what the grail is.

The grail is Mary Magdalene’s womb and within her womb comes forth their lineage. And given the fact that Dan Brown in “The Da Vinci Code” and Michael Baigent in “Holy Blood Holy Grail” thoroughly examined this to the point where it may not be scientifically proven but accepted as strong circumstantial evidence, I will not digress to defend the meaning of The Grail. Its already popularly accepted though quite controversial so I leave it up to you to discover it for yourself.

In this post I will just go over this rather superficially and then in succeeding posts delve into it at a greater length based upon what reaction I receive your comments.

Long ago there was a battle between earthmen under the rule of King Erik (Erik The Great or as the giants saw him as Erik The Terrible) and the giants. The earthmen won and the giants were sent back into the sky into exile. Preserved over all of this time between Erik’s rule and King Brahmwell are two things: the “ancient magic seeds” and the “ring of power”.

They are in the possession of the victors, of course.

Now, the monk gains access to the room where these are both kept. He wrecks the place looking for them. Now, it’s not quite evident whether the monk originally has the ancient seeds or if he found them together with the ring. Let’s assume that since he so easily gave them up to Jack in exchange for the horse that they weren’t as important to him as the ring was. But, he never quite makes it out of the castle. He does get far enough to hand the seeds to jack and gets caught by the guards and taken in for questioning. Roderick, who is destined to wed the king’s daughter, kills him and takes the ring of power.

A few seeds get inadvertently dropped in Jack’s shack. The seed grows, magically, into a giant beanstalk up to the abode or place of exile of the giants. Jack and the Kings men climb the tree so that they can rescue the princess. They rescue the princess, come down the stalk and cut it down. But, what they don’t know is that the giants found a few seeds left in a small bag on poor dead Roderick’s person which he dropped at his demise. So, the giants, assembled for battle, descend the tree and approach the castle ready to seek revenge on Erik’s descendant, The King and his daughter where his line will come from if they survive.

Now, that’s very Jewish, indeed. Usually it is thought that the succession of the royal crown comes from a male heir but here it is that what is important is the survival of the Female heir. Further proof that this is talking about The Grail Legend.

Ultimately, it seems that these humans are no match for these giants who are three times their height and strength. What saves them, however, is Jack coming forward after defeating the general who is wearing the ring on his finger, wearing the ring on his head to the humbled giant warriors. The war is over, the giants retreat back to their heavenly abode and the rest is history.

So, please respond with your comments. Let me know if this is something you would want to read more about and I’ll see what I can do.


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