The Irony of Collective Wisdom’s Detrimental Effects On Personal Value

Such a seemingly long winded title for this article….but for a good reason.  As you have probably figured out by now,  a lot of what I write tends to be well thought out examinations of what may seem to be an issue(s) which many of us take for granted.

But, I just love to take a second look at these preconceived notions which we’ve allowed to be permanently encased in a crystallized prison I like to call stagnant ideas.  A lot of times many of us will pledge allegiance to collectively held morays at the expense of our own peace of mind, personal value and safety.

How many out there have sustained an injury to such an extent in which you couldn’t work and were confined to your home?  This is what happened to me three weeks ago. I broke my collarbone due to an accident at home.  For the first week and a half I was on pain killers and my left shoulder, which sustained the injury, and arm was virtually incapacitated and left hanging in a sling. Lucky for me,  being right handed, it happened to my left collarbone.  But, still I needed assistant in getting dressed and in some cases, eating.  Sleeping was difficult since I had to sleep on my back which I do not do naturally.

However, even now, three weeks following the injury I only wear the sling sparingly so that the muscles in my arm don’t atrophy too much too to their minimal usage.  But, in  doing this I have to be disciplined enough throughout the course of the day to avoid overexerting my arm.

But then those nagging thoughts come into my head like, “How much longer is this going to go on?  I can’t stand being cooped up in this house any longer, especially when the weather has gotten so nice out, practically summer temperatures with the way it feels outside.  I gotta do something.  The grass is getting taller. Perhaps I could get away with getting the lawn mower out, starting it up and mow the lawn with one hand.”

So, do you see what’s going on here?  Can you see what’s going on inside of my mind?  Even though I have broken my collarbone and I have a little more movement in my arm that I didn’t have last week, that voice inside of me that is feeling guilty that I’m at home convalescing wants to convince me that I should get off of my ass and do something.

That voice is a reflection of the Collective Wisdom of the society I am a part of.  Stay active, DO SOMETHING. No pain, no gain. Granted its hard to argue about the values of accomplishing things but any voice trying to tempt me to get back into regular physical activity at the expense of re-injuring my shoulder is just plain bullshit.

No doubt, many of you would counsel me telling me to take care of myself and let it heal. However, I’m well aware that when it comes down to it, our ego does, from time to time convince us to do some pretty stupid stuff. It comes subtle and innocently enough but the more you listen to your ego give  you bad advice like this the further you lead yourself down that slippery slope of trouble.


Readers…….I welcome your feedback


One thought on “The Irony of Collective Wisdom’s Detrimental Effects On Personal Value

  1. Well, Nessyphia…..once again you have stimulated my brain into gear, thinking about things that I might not have thought about. Thank you for that. Again, I reiterate that you are a great writer and have an amazing command of the English language. I think you need to think about writing as a career. I can’t wait to read your next blog.

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