A Deeper Insight Into Duality

Why do we feel so alone, afraid even to sit still, hands not busy, mind wandering, seemingly not productive?

Although it is nothing of the sort, why is it so evil or perhaps not acceptable and frowned upon when we are idle. Many of us remember being told by our parents or elders that an idle mind is the Devil’s playground. But, tell me;  is DOING what we are?

Why are we so afraid of NOT DOING? What will happen? Will we be swallowed up by the silence the stilling of our mind creates?  But, can we afford to not to make the effort to quiet our busy minds at the expense of what could be a wellspring of sanity, of the peace all of us are always searching for?  We seek for it through taking vacations: escaping to popular family resort destinations when what we spend much of our hard-earned money on is available to you at a point no further than within the confines of your own skin.

Open the door, if you dare, to the silence of your mind guarded by the ego’s tenacious  thought agents ready to yield to the infinite organizing mind’s replacement of these with KNOWING.  No longer shall it  remind you of how utterly useless and bad you shall be without the security blanket of your so-called thoughts. Will you go mad? Will it make you aware of unpleasant thoughts?

Things are not as they seem.

You cannot trust your five physical senses to illustrate the world around you. You are being led astray by them. Solidity of matter is a myth promulgated by mass collective consciousness.  The predominant belief system violates basic physics reinforcing its meaningfulness but can you trust it. Should you trust it?

Place your trust in it, never wavering and you shall be safe within what the majority thinks is true.  I mean, I suppose that if most everyone believes in this then why shouldn’t you?

There is even the seemingly indisputable belief in God believed by a majority of human beings on this planet that warns you not to fall prey to challenging this.  But, don’t get me wrong and you atheists out there, consider this carefully.  I don’t dispute the existence of God, only the way in which this is done. Most humans believe in God. Not a whole lot of people KNOW God.

I don’t think, in our present state of existence, that we can truly KNOW God. Actually, I don’t think that God exists at all in the way that we think He exists. He can’t. This universe that we live in, by virtue of the fact that it is one of Free Will, is an imperfect one.  And just how could an omnipotent being such as God create something that is imperfect. He can’t no more than I can breathe in the absence of air.

He didn’t create the universe we live in………WE DID.  And so we find ourselves living in a world of Duality.

We are part of a grand experiment implemented 16 Billion years ago. Never before was there ever a universe such as ours in which all created beings possessed absolute Free Will.  At the onset of the Big Bang, although to the chagrin of the astrophysicists, the Divine Source of it all decided that this time he was taking it in a whole new direction.

Free Will For Everybody.

So, the Big Bang explosion, if you want to call it that, was in fact this Divine Being (whoever that might be) dividing himself up into countless parts and distributing itself evenly, but ever so gently implementing this strange pervasive unevenness, as the key, primal ingredient of animated matter being flung itself into what became space and time. This measure of Divine Imperfection created stars, the planets orbiting around them and the life which sprang upon them.

This Divine Being, or God, if you will, cast itself out from the void into space-time being no longer “God” but now all of the created everything (or what can be termed Sonship)  for the express purpose of going on a fact finding mission to explore itself.  Prior to this, this was unheard of.  Among those on the council of all omnipotent gods a shockwave was felt that shook the foundations of the Divine Hierarchy. But, things got very settled, taken for granted and a little stale.


So, one creator god–we know not his name–stood out and did something completely different. He created a Free Will Universe.

(You can almost hear the faint murmuring of the council members in abject opposition to the actions of this lone wolf creator god muffled by their vanity and fear of being found out.

What fool is this?  Why, this is unheard of. I mean, he can’t just do that. Why, I’ll put it to a vote to have his council seat revoked.”

Another voice calls out from the opposite side of the oval obsidian table.   Listen carefully, the heat is being turned up on he who gave birth to all that we know and don’t know.

Heresy…..this is heresy, I tell you,”  As he slammed his fist on the table. “This foolish action by one of our own has sounded the death knell of all that we hold to be sacred. He has upset the balance of the way things ought to be.”

Yea, there was a little bit of consternation among those who feared change but once in a while you have to shake things up.

Perhaps we’ll see……………oh in about half the age of our universe now……………..whether or not this is going to work.  But, one thing you ought to know is that although the jury is still out on whether or not this will be a success……………..there is a truth that will circumvent Belief and allow you to KNOW instead.

Join me in my next post where I’ll explain what I mean.

And as always, I welcome your comments which I invite you to submit below.


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