What’s The Endgame?

Why all of this talk about God? Why all of this mystic, physic babble gleaned from half a dozen viewings of The Science Channel?

I suppose that the endgame to all of this is Truth. These days we as human beings get hit on all sides by information. But, in all of these FYI’s where are the things that matter?

In all of the searching I’ve done in my life and all of the books I’ve read, nothing has meant so much to me and gotten more to the point than “A Course In Miracles”. What it is, in a nutshell, is salvation through logic. Reminds you of Vulcan theology, you might think to yourself. You know, Mr. Spock from Star Trek and how he used to pontificate about logic and how it saved the Vulcan People from having their civilization implode upon itself as a result of their untamed passions. They used logic to solve their dilemma. But, that’s where the comparison ends.

No matter how bad things get here on Earth, we are not, I repeat, we are not going the way of the emotionally stifled Vulcans. That’s The Stupid Path for less evolved people than ourselves.

Human Beings are on The Christic Path or the path that Yeshua Ben Joseph (you know him as Jesus) taught. Very little of this is found in The New Testament or from a traditional church pulpit. But, most of it can be found in “A Course In Miracles” at a computer near you.

Jesus teaches a way, through logic, to escape the overblown influence of the Ego, the lower self. And when we quiet the ego and all of the mental chatter in our brain we can hear more clearly the voice of our soul or Higher Self.

Again, why do I talk about this? I know that toning down the ego and releasing our imprisonment from our reckless passions, at no cost to our emotions, will enable human beings to embrace their next step in evolution.

That’s the immediate endgame.

There will be other goals in the future to accomplish but it will suffice for now to follow these simple steps illustrated in “A Course In Miracles.

Get the book now; you’ll love it.

As always, I welcome your esteemed comments.


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