The Five Sense Menagerie

The world’s not real

It can’t be so

You can look, taste, smell

Touch and hear things on the go

Don’t let yourself be fooled

See the world a different way

And unveil the sacred jewel


You live in a five sense menagerie

Held hostage inside your brain

All the things you thought were true

must be reconciled again

Take a walk outside or

Just be still, if you dare

The five sense menagerie

Is all around everywhere


You don’t get what I’m saying, do you

I know, it’ll take some time

So, let’s start with something simple

Oh, a leaf or an apple on a vine

You look at it, is it there?

I’ll tell you something true

What you think your eyes see the brain is doing

Do you want another clue?

Your eyes are but receptors incapable of

Making any sense

You wouldn’t want them, would you?

Your brain would be less dense

They’re only for receiving

in your brain it gets composed

into a symphony of illusion

essentially the matter’s closed.




Well, that was quite

an insignificant waste of your time

you probably thought

trying to prove

things that are real

or aren’t there or can’t be sought.

and I know you can’t be bothered

with all this nonsense and crap

but what if I told you

there’s valid evidence for that.




Oh, did I sense some interest

a pause, a squint in your eye a second thought?

There’s more than meets the eye

or that your other senses had caught

Now, I’ll tell you early on

I’m not saying things aren’t there or from a certain perspective

you needn’t have a care

We’re all not imprisoned

in a “Matrix” constructed hell

that movie was a metaphor

well, so far as I can tell.

With computers that crash on que

that can be hacked by ten year olds

there isn’t a chance in the world

for any AI’s (artificial intelligence) to get control.




This shouldn’t be anything new to you

no one’s keeping you from the truth

you’ve always had the feedom of choice

so any conspiracy about it is moot

but it takes a seeking, inquisitive mind

to step outside the bounds

of what’s normal or socially acceptable

but beware of the vicious hands

like parents or your siblings

who’ll say “don’t waste your time!”

or your spouse who’ll say, “watch football, go to a bar, don’t sit

alone with your thoughts like that.”




But, the only life worth living

is one confidently based

on thoughts confidently thought of

not from others and not in haste.

To make the time to ask yourself

“Why am I here?” isn’t wasted

or “Who am I” can be scary

but you won’t die, don’t erase it.




This isn’t for everyone

but neither is reveling in the days

that are behind you

and growing old with a calcified mind

until the day when death will find you

we all were born into the life we have

with a purpose nad some work to do

and if you don’t figure it out and

let life happen to you then there will

be more karma accrued.

but we live in a free will universe

and so we can do as we please

you can choose whatever path you want

one of difficulty or one of ease.




Feel free to leave your comments.


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