Barney: A Jurassic Joy



barneyandfriendsSpoiler Alert………………Spoiler Alert!!!     Have you heard about The Return Of Barney?  He has been reborn and will be returning to television.


Unfortunately for some, “Barney & Friends” was cancelled in 2009 but there is a movie in the making or from what I hear, a possible teaser that, similar to “The Sound Of Music” thing they did last year on NBC starring Carrie Underwood. But, this is nothing close to your mother or father’s Barney.

Grant it, from what I’ve heard from a network executive, who will remain unnamed for now, who I went to school with, the teaser will bring back all of Barney’s friends except for the live action kids. You know it…..BJ, Baby Bop and good ole Riff…..with a slight but entertaining twist.  Now, tell me that isn’t cool.

So, watch out for this new, improved and rockin’ reincarnation of “Barney: A Jurassic Joy”.


Oh, and there might be a brief but interesting cameo of Bozo the Clown.


As always, your comments are encouraged and welcomed.



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