A Path Less Traveled

Step inside a fleeting but satisfying moment of my wandering imagination as your feet guide you into…………..”A Path Less Traveled”


In the nighttime dilemma of precarious philandering, I found myself deft with death-defying certitude. Not that I was looking for trouble but the cold, flakeless corridor of unbelief caught me in its icy callous lockjaws of fear. The thoughts, the words the concepts….ill prepared for. How was I to face the feckless formation of dark shadows which twisted their way into my frontal lobe?

Never to be unfazed by its stark, seething black draped but daunting hordes of willowy specters, my mind darted from the predictable to the soul’s oft used mechanized reproductions of prodding purposed pot holes. It took the skill of ill-fated concubines seeking to wash their hands of wrongly accused sexual appetites to fool the preconceived psychological preconditioning so that I could come out unscathed.

Taking the path less traveled and acknowledging ideas removed from pre-approving social morays, I placed myself in a precarious but relatively safe position. To know that I would have gone mad facing my nocturnal dilemma with the traditional tools of society’s façade-laden fortitude, further reinforced the subtle tangent I took thus escaping certain psychological death yet asserting my right among a lesser breed. The breed of souls knowing no rational basis for sense made of the fleeting substance of this world. A one way ticket to truth that shall never know a homecoming.

The cold, humming cat calls take refuge on the beleaguered bombshell who just wandered through uninvited to the introverted calling card. Snow-laden fire learns little from the mirror image of all of the falsified dimwits who have had the courage to venture this far. Down they came, scratching and clinging, slipping past paper cleats and breaking free of iron bars nestled in their fearful minds.

“Haven’t they the key to the shadows last picture window?” The treefrog bellowed. “Can’t they see the blind duties from which this has all transpired into leafy concaves curved around so carefully as to welcome them back through the exit? Where will it all end? What will the dastardly entrails of entropy possibly yield if all of the concordant caricatures discard any further renditions of its vicious vying for voluntary deceit?”

Silence muffled the mad mechanized monopoly of brain fodder meant for most of the menial few. The litany of the day often dazed the many until the brighter light bought into more melodious mayhem. Except for the silent coffins of coiffured collegiate columns of cadres, all had sacrificed their will to wail for freedoms life.

How are you to account for the dark seething trumpets trained for truth telling? Where will the disdained but delighted picnicking pleasures be revealed as revolving dandelions destined for crossroads of their defeat?

After you have recovered from your momentary shock and returned to the comfort of your safe thoughts,  please, if you will and with haste, leave any and all comments about how you feel after reading this offering of mine to you.


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