Stage One Is Complete

Hemingwaydepot, unfortunately,  will be going offline at the end of August.


Fortunately for you and all of those who have participated in this unique opportunity, enough data has been gathered from your many responses and we can now wrap up Stage One of this groundbreaking community-based experiment.  So, it’s onto Stage Two.

Those of you who were wooed by my charming and often serendipitous offerings of poetry, short fiction  and editorials covering a wide range of current topics have much to look forward to in the next stage of this grand literary form that is, at this moment, contributing to changing hearts and minds toward a more unified paradigm toward World Peace.

No need to worry yourself about how this ever could have happened by the publication and your reading of my blog. It’s of no circumstance; your mere presence on my site generated enough synchronicity to ensure a proper foundation for the continuation of this cutting edge communication forum.

With my whole heart I gratefully appreciate all of your contributions though they may have seemed small and insignificant to you. Nevertheless, it is in the small efforts, sometimes, that the biggest result can come forth and blossom.

So………….see you in September with…………………Something Wonderful

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and don’t forget to chime in with the comment box below with whatever your views on my writings may be.


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