Robin Williams Is All Right


I’ll have to admit, the death of Robin Williams took me by surprise but you know what?  Heaven is a happier place because of his admittance.

Don’t read into that statement anything other than what I meant it for.  We enjoyed his brief but worthwhile gig while he danced on the world stage but now the curtain has fallen upon this phase of his existence and as the old adage goes, when one door closes one always opens.

All you have to do, if you still find yourself obsessing about this particular movie star whom you’ve probably never met or can’t imagine even knowing a wit about his life outside the movie theater, is to watch his film, “What Dreams May Come” and perhaps you may get a glimpse of what’s happening.

A revealing but yet still shallow  depiction of this other dimensional space we typically call Heaven, you’ll find some interesting moments to tug on your heart strings and then some other more deeply intelligent moments where Robin, through the screenwriter, of course, instills in us all a welcomed sense of blatant human-based independent thinking. That, though we seem to be surrounded by the inevitable, Death Itself, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over.

The character Chris, played by Robin, takes charge after being notified by the yet to be revealed identity of his recently deceased son (played by Cuba Gooding), of his wife recent suicide but a self-inflicted hell. Cuba warns against Chris’s desire to go and see her. She is irrevocably imprisoned there and cannot be helped or rescued. Robin, empowered by the deep, impassioned and soul-mate infused love for his dear wife is driven to argue against such a seemingly rock-solid fate of hers and do what he can with what resources he has or may find along the way, to save her.

This Is Love.

Love is the bottom line in all of our lives. Love is the wild card. Love, in the end is all that matters. In fact, if Robin is listening to me right now……..Love and only love is what will free him from what may, at this time, seem like an eternal prison sentence.

All it takes is a Miracle……..A Holy Instant, as is termed in the now popular book of Jesus’ wisdom teachings entitled, “A Course In Miracles” which I have spoken quite frequently about here.   Google it, my friends. For in it you shall find more than just Saint Paul’s old rugged cross religious doctrine which a lot of seemingly faithful followers seem to love to die by. In it is the gift of Redemption and in it will be the key for Robin and many like him who have passed on but it is especially and more  importantly a precious find for those of us who are lucky enough to be alive who seek perhaps relief from depression but most importantly a guide to help us live as we were always meant to live. With The Foundation Of Peace.

So, according to the literature written on the subject of Death, Robin has, as I write this, been met by those relatives and others he has known who have passed on to that alternate dimension.  He will be acclimated to this new environment which is no doubt reinforcing that he’s really not a body but an eternal soul.

Sure he committed suicide but it was of his own creation which he is responsible for.  But, all that he has to do, if he’s clever enough and wants to shorten the time of his present confusion based upon his mis-creation, is make LOVE the center of his thoughts. It’s as simple as turning a mistaken ego-based thought into a more rationally-based preferable one. It ain’t about getting down on himself or judging himself. He’s already subjected himself to that so relentlessly and unnecessarily.

Love Is The Answer and nothing else.


So, as far as Robin Williams is concerned, take Jerry Garcia’s advice and “Don’t worry about it!”.  Robin will be all right.  He’s in good hands and will soon be his new and improved,  Right Self and ready to take the stage and engage within the context of his new journey.

Go for it, Robin, and like Billy Joel says, “don’t take any shit from anybody!”


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Hey, man, that’s your price for my fame.



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