Three Dimensional Metaphysical Reverie or, Einstein Getting His Groove On

You’ve no doubt seen that Disney animated film, “The Emperor’s New Groove”.  Nevertheless, I didn’t, which will fortunately not detract from my discussion here on how Albert Einstein got his going on.

Allow me to pontificate………eeeeeeeeeeeelaborate.


Listen my children and you shall here

how Al got his groove on after drinking a beer

It was a stout a shade darker

than you’re probably used to injesting

but that’s what they drink in Germany

So, it’s beyond contesting.

So, off went Al to his usual pub

with his head jutting up slightly

when a passerby says, “pardon me bub.”

But, Al was lost in thought and then he arrived

where he was lost no more, said a psychological bribe

He saw the tavern just ahead

Lichtenstein’s was brightly lit up

with toasts to the chancellor and his newly groomed pup

He pushed past all of the reverie, drunken fools and the like

and took a seat in the back with his notebook and his pipe.

It was then that he looked like a man dosing after a hard day

but this couldn’t be further from the truth

as his focus pinpointed the grey

matter, through the right sphere

He took his last sip of his dark brewed stout beer

and journeyed down to the center of the parietal lobe

that may supplement your brain to function more like a globe

a sphere, a more natural way to access and process information

and this was fascinating to him but he passed it by still

ignoring the lingering ego for a much higher will

To get to the center, where the mind chatter can be quieted

to the point of almost absolute silence except for your breathing

Al opened the door and it creaked from years of entropy and non use

and closed it behind him except for a noose

that he wrapped around his left leg

to ensure he could find his way back to that tavern and their beloved keg

But, now the leg felt less and less as a tug from the noose

until his coming in became forgotten and all that remained was the juice

The liquid elixir, the wine the cup which he drank

that separated his experience “In The World” from the one here he was in.

And from here is no journey impossible to forge

For it is all around you if you but reach out and ask

Just speak what you desire, make an image in your mind

and so quickly will it manifest into reality from the mind

This is where Al stayed, riding the light beam through space

this is where he contemplated General Relativity and erased

a thousand years of Aristotelian logic and method

which yielded the science they understood until now

Until now where opposed to Aristotle, something new was being revealed

Not to overshadow him but to foreshadow a new age of understanding.

Al just soaked it up, playing with the possibilities like a child

until he gently willed himself out of it like from a light year to a mile

And opened his eyes to the still voracious reverie which ensued

ready to resume enjoying what he experienced and the still potent brew.


As always I welcome your wonderful comments,  whether you gravitate toward loving what I’ve written or wish to present criticisms.  All that I ask is that you refrain from writing nothing.


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