Hooray, Hooray, Hooray….Flying Mine Coming to A Satellite Near You


That’s right folks….don’t touch that dial.  The dreaded asteroid that the media is buzzing about today is really nothing to worry about. I mean, really….it’s only going to buzz the Earth within 21,126 miles.  However, this house sized rock is a miner’s dream. And this is not what the media, such as this video posted on Yahoo, will tell you about.

As I spoke about in a much earlier post a while back, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta is now orbiting the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and in November will hopefully, successfully land on it and begin taking samples. But, I’m surprised that NASA didn’t try to trump the ESA and try to capture this comparably low-Earth flying asteroid for analysis which could, conceivably saved a lot of money compared to the venture that the ESA has implemented. NASA must have known enough time ahead of this asteroid coming. They keep constant track of asteroids all of the time. And I realize that it’s no comet and the payoff of researching it not as bountiful as doing an comet but still it could have yielded a lot. More so, I think since it will be flying so damn close to us.  That will cut costs so much that anything (and that’s an understatement) discovered would be literally icing on the cake.

Well, watch the video……………….Don’t get scared………………………..and have a nice weekend.



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