“Dianetics”, “A Course In Miracles” and Healing

The work of L. Ron Hubbard seems to contribute and possibly complement the contribution of “A Course In Miracles” in helping us understand the fact that God may have created the universe but he gave human beings and every other intelligent species living anywhere else throughout the universe the gift of Free Will. In that, He left us “alone” to exercise our free will possibly as some grand experiment we know not of at this time.

But, for all intents and purposes and as Niche said, God Is Dead. But, not to read into what Niche wrote about, God might not be necessarily dead as he probably is set apart from the universe He created to give us our chance with the free will he gave to us. Hubbard acknowledges the contribution of Charles Darwin’s “Evolution Of Species” by briefly summarizing here what the study of Dianetics has taken from his work.

“The cell is a unit of life which is seeking to survive and only to survive. Man is a structure of cells which are seeking to survive and only survive. Man’s mind is the command post of operation and is constructed to resolve problems and pose problems related to survival and only survival. The action of survival, if optimum, would lead to survival. The optimum survival conduct pattern was formulated and then studied for exceptions and there were no exceptions found. The survival conduct pattern was discovered to be far from sterile and barren, but was full of rich and most pleasant activity. None of these postulates outlawed any concept concerning the human soul or divine or creative imagination. It was understood perfectly that this was a study in the finite universe only and the spheres and realms of thought and action might very well exist above the finite sphere. But it was also discovered that none of these factors were needed to resolve the entire problem of aberration and irrational conduct.” (L. Ron Hubbard, “Dianetics” p. 64)

So, as far as the work toward healing the aberration of Man’s mind, this is taking place within the sphere of the finite world and can gain little or nothing from Man’s invention of religion. Religion deals with Man’s erred perception toward the concept of bringing “God” into the work of healing this aberration when according to Hubbard this work has nothing to do with the finite or divine sphere. According to Christianity, God gave us the Holy Spirit as a comforter to assist us but the Holy Spirit is a go-between. God is still not directly involved with the finite world. And, according to “A Course In Miracles”, the Holy Spirit never interferes with Man’s free will. He has to ask in order for what he wishes to be given to him. An injunction that Jesus made clear in his teachings.

Since my study of Dianetics is only preliminary at this point I can only assume that Hubbard might have an effective tool for us to use toward healing the many psychological ills that have inflicted mankind. But, if he has found an effective tool to do this then combined with other tools we have at our disposal we might be able to finally get somewhere and cure the ills that plague our world and our civilization so that we can cease the wars, disease, poverty, etc. that are keeping us indifferent to each other and unable to go forward and go to the next level of our evolution past the mode of survival.

Thank you for reading what I’ve offered here. Your comments are welcomed.


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