Happy Billy Book Bonanza, Babaloo, Boy, am I tired of long titles, Joel Day

Well, it’s here…..you’ve waited for it and what do we have to show for it?

EHHHHHH, just another pop star celebrity rag, right?

Not so, well I really don’t know until I’ve actually read the latest and potentially greatest….that is if I don’t get bored by the author’s rendition of Billy Joel’s autobiography…“BILLY JOEL: The Definitive Biography”

Oh, jeez…already sounds like one of those pre-packaged pieces of garbage whose aim is purely to sell more of the star’s cd’s and itunes singles. Again, I will refrain from commenting further until I have read the book.

What I can tell you is that “Billy Book” day as Newsday proclaimed it on the cover of their magazine insert on Sunday, is putting forward Billy Joel: The Definitive Long Islander.

Such Bullshit.

Billy Joel’s great. I went to his show at the garden. You all read my article on it. His songs are some of the best that came out of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but he’s just another guy like you and me. A lot more wealthier than you or I but he earned it.

And another thing I can tell you is that his hometown, Hicksville, was alive and well today. Newsday.com reports that the parade given in his honor in which the mayor gave him the keys to the city, backed up traffic on the Southern State for miles. Joel was perched on a float that featured a lot of glitz plus images from all of his albums as he plucked away at his baby grand to several of his songs  including “Goodbye To Hollywood” in which he substituted Hicksville for. You should have seen the look on the mayor’s face after he gave Joel the keys given his chagrin at the unprepared for diss at his beloved home town. But fortunately crowd of well wishers, four deep drowned him out.

Man, I wish I could have been there.  Then Joel had to sit in traffic in his beefed up motorcycle on the Long Island Expressway until his exit in Center Island.

Here’s a song he did live from his “Field Of Dreams” Album named “Blonde Over Blue” which talks about him writing his autobiography. Enjoy

Btw, there will be an upcoming interview of Billy by me in March. Stay tuned. And of course, keep the comments coming.



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