The Thought Before Christmas Shopping…..

A customer came up to me at a retail store I presently work at and made the following comment.

“Oh my god, Christmas decorations up before Halloween, and they even skipped over Thanksgiving…”

Yes, this is pretty much commonly heard among most consumers with the usual chagrin as we head into the holiday season. And with Halloween as a prelude it’s downright SCARY.

And then the cashier at Barns & Nobles, where I was busy purchasing my first copy of the Billy Book said something else in a comparably similar vein concerning the fact that the holiday season is the best time to get a B&N savings card ($25 a pop, of course).  My reply was, “I don’t care what time a year it is….I’m broke. To which the cashier calmly replied, “Well, ‘they’ keep throwing this at us every year.” To which I insight-fully said, “Yea, but that doesn’t mean we have to ‘catch’ it.”

So, my point here is that you don’t need to spend as much money during the holidays as you might think you have to. But, most of you, clearly, aren’t persuaded by that simple statement and thus, the purpose for this article: to artfully persuade you away from potential financial ruin.

But, let me preface this by saying this. I’m in the same boat that you’re in. I’m in debt with two credit cards that I pay the minimum on but while keeping a pretty good credit score. I may not have the expenses you may have piled up over the years but, principally, I understand where you’re coming from.

So, what is the impetus or what or who are these demons in the recesses of your mind who so insidiously implore and succeed in convincing you to purchase more than you can afford at Christmastime?

Relax, it’s not the devil and it’s not even the television commercials or their oh-so familiar name brands taunting you from memory to get what you should.

It’s You.

You are responsible. No one is responsible but you for the lack of self control which you exercise in the name of selfless giving during the holidays.

Say this to yourself.  “I lack the self control to stay within my budget. Yet, I”m still a good person.”

You’re not bad, stupid or out of control; you just lack the skills to manage money. When you admit this to yourself you’ve acknowledged a weakness that makes you less than perfect: A Human Being.  But, don’t get this confused with who a Human Being potentially is.

A Human Being is perfect.

We have so much potential and this is outside the scope of my article (but which I’ve either touched upon briefly or will get to) but you are perfect. At this point in time you just happen to be a little off skew. . This can be corrected as long as everything in between your ears is functioning properly. For most people it is so don’t worry…..”Be Happy”.

That’s actually not a bad mantra to get through your head. Being happy isn’t something you’re heading towards but something you must recognize and own Right Now. Don’t shrug it off as that silly song you’ve heard or a saying that is never worth taking seriously.

It is!

But, it’s easy to do. This might seem overly simplistic but what I’m emphasizing here is the Power of Suggestion.  You decide how you are going to feel from moment to moment and it is you who will decide to efficiently manage your finances even through the upcoming torrential shopping holidays.

There’s more, so stay tuned. And, keep the comments coming….by email, snail mail, or pony express. Sometimes it even helps to open the window and voice them like that guy in the movie “Network”.








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