Devil’s Graveyard Show on History Channel Last Night Is Bullshit



You know me. I’m really into all of this talk about vortexes, ley lines, and all of that new age stuff.  However, there was this show on last night entitled, “The Devil’s Graveyard”.

It Is A Total Hoax, just like all of the other reality shows: purely for your entertainment. Anyone who was fooled by this…..don’t regret it.  We’ve all been hoodwinked by television these days. That’s why I wrote that article before about the fact that you can’t trust what is broadcast on television.

It is broadcast and presented in two dimensions………IT’S NOT REAL!

If you missed it, by all means, watch it. I’m not telling you not to watch it. But, these are probably the same people who have tried to prove that there never were manned moon landings by American astronauts and that the United States Government’s aim through NASA was to bankrupt the Soviet Union.  The Moon landings actually happened.  This show was a hoax.

Though, you have to be cautious. Not everything on television doesn’t happen. It’s not all that cut and dry. You have to watch carefully, use your intuition, be thoughtful and use your gut. The more you hone your intuition. Yes, all you men, I’m talking to you. Men and women have intuition. Women just tend to be more gifted with it but men can develop theirs if their develop their inner feminine which I’ve already spoken about at length.

Oh, and the sad thing about this clever but stupid program is that everyone involved save the narrator………..DIED…….just like Ishmael in Moby Dick. Hmmmmmmmm.

How convincingly and conveniently unfortunate.  I’m laughing all of the way to their grave-site because I’m afraid their pretty much safe and sound save the future of this reality show which, like their characters, has died by the fate of Nielson Ratings.

And I continue to love and adore and deeply appreciate your comments. So, keep em’ coming.


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