Don’t Let the Virgin Crash Deter Us From Exploration



It’s unfortunate what happened to the Virgin Flight yesterday.  Traveling through and exploring space has never been easy. Neither was it easy for those ancestors of ours who decided to leave the comfortable and familiar original thirteen colonies prior to the nineteenth century.  I’m sure there were people, like Branson and all of the other rocketry enthusiasts back then prior to the mission of Lewis & Clark, charged by President Jeffereson, who ventured out beyond the Allegheny, Catskills, Adirondack, and Appalachian mountains not knowing what the hell there was out there in the recently purchased expansive lands of the Louisiana Territory.  But, there had to be some brave souls who ventured out and probably got injured, caught in snowstorms or starved or got dehydrated while journeying through such uncharted wilderness.

We have come full circle, now 211 years later. We’ve explored just about all of the land on our planet save the inhospitable south pole and possibly some uninhabited pacific islands. But, it’s all mapped and there for us to see on Google Earth. The same needs to be done within the confines of our larger Solar System Territories.

We, as Human Beings own what is approximately 100,000 AU (astronomical units) in diameter. An Astronomical Unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun or 93 million miles. So, the solar territory is approximately 2 light years in diameter. This is our home. There are lots of planets with a whole load of moons surrounding each one. (especially Jupiter and Saturn.  Most of the planets have been explored by probes. Man has explored the Moon back in the 70’s.  Though, to date we have not found evidence of life anywhere that meets our criteria of anything intelligent, there seem to be enough resources that would make any geologist and mining company salivate.

Why don’t we explore it?  Because its too far, too dangerous and much too costly to make it worth our while. Well, no one will discount the first two reasons but the third one will have its viability tested next Wednesday if all goes as planned with the Rosetta Mission that the European Space Agency launched several years ago. They will be landing a probe on the surface of one of the comets that escaped what is known as the frozen Ort Cloud on the periphery of our solar system.

What results it will bring to us will tell us, yes, much about the origins of the Universe and our own Solar System but that can’t be the only reason it will be poking around on that comet.  It and all of the comets and asteroids hanging out within our reach are a major……I mean……….MAJOR MINING BOON just like our ancestors experienced when they heard word in 1849 of the first gold strike in California.

So, if you’re interested in science, let this sink in a minute.  If not, don’t worry about it. Do you want a boost in the economy? Do you want there to be an end to poverty? Do you want things better for your children? Do you want a great job earning a million dollars a year?  Do you want to hit the jackpot?  Do you want to see the Space Race ignited again minus NASA and any government interference in what may be the biggest entrepreneurial business in world history?

Then click on this link come Wednesday November 12th so that you can witness the beginning of the future.  The sad thing is that the European Space Agency beat NASA….not The American People, mind you……United States Government-based space agency…..NASA to this unprecedented defining moment in history.

As always I welcome your esteemed and educated comments.

European Space Agency


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