The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion



The key to all of the problems you shall ever have.
The key to all of the problems you shall ever have.

Formally, the first cut on The Grateful Dead’s first album, (and a great tune to listen to) and now the title of this article.  Enjoy.

The key to inventing anything, even if the presently known laws of physics make it totally improbable, is to think, “what do I know at the present time about making this happen?” Even if the idea comes from a science fiction movie or your own imagination. What do you think the necessary steps would be in order to get to making this a reality?

This may be a very challenging thing to make a reality. If so, then you need to research and network with like-minded, seemingly crazy people who can think out of the box.

For example, a smartphone that can morph and expand it’s dimensions into a 15″ tablet/laptop. It grows or morphs based upon nanotechnology. All of the components are composed of “cells” that can grow to a previously commanded mode of your choice. The cellphone can be virtually anything you like.

Remember the show “The Jetsons” (youtube it if you like.) when, during the intro, George flies to work and then on the landing platform his car morphs into his satchel that he strolls into work with?  Yea, that idea. However, that may just be the last thing that you invent given the fact that with this particular smartphone, everyone will have exactly everything they ever wanted merely at their command. Thus, the Perpetual Material Possession (PMP). Please stay far away from that unless you choose to produce it solely for yourself or want to entertain your guests in the parlor. Don’t consider it for your plans for developing, marketing and distribution to make a million. It will surely fail.  Stick with something more….like…..that can get old, break and be discarded so that you need to go out and buy a new one. This is more beneficial for the economy.  Thank You.

But………how would you design such a wondrous item like the Definitive Smart Phone (DSP) Eh?

Smart enough to give you anything you desire…..a Genie In The Bottle (GIAB). The key is in the nano-technology, the “cells” that would need to be “constructed” like so many things that you would tinker with in your garage. A mimicry of something akin to animal or plant cells.

A histological study of life would prove worthwhile to see the components of the cell. You know, just like the way you took apart your old black & white television that your grandfather threw out on the side of the road when he got his brand new flat screen and then studied the parts that made it up and, easily put it all back together.  That’s right. With back-engineering a Human Cell, it’s basically the same thing.

What’s really cool will be your study of the workings of Human DNA. And this should appeal to you programmers out there. Get out from in front of your video games and study the programming of the Human Genome. All of the initial work has been done for you…..don’t you know?

The programming of such a thing as this would have to be different than that of the Human Genome, though….or perhaps not. Perhaps a closer look at the function of what has formally referred to as “Junk DNA’ would prove enlightening since that may unlock a lot of (well 95%) of a lot of underutilized potential for the human being. Perhaps in there is a whole library, an encyclopedia Galactica (or more) of information deposited there by our extraterrestrial ancestors. You know, the same chaps who set up the (oh nooooooo!) recently discovered and utterly perverse and previously written about (that may be for our benefit..who knew) “Devils Graveyard” these power hot spots distributed around the world that will either seal our doom or give human beings a nudge onto their next step in our evolution. (Stay tuned).

Forgive me, I digress.

This “Junk DNA” as they so stupidly call it, can be tapped into or has already been tapped into and it may be similar (or better) than the multidimensional encoded message sent to Seti via the character in “First Contact”.  Don’t worry, it’s much better. IT’S AWESOME!

It’s this potential within the DNA of yourself that can be tapped into like the character Lucy in “Lucy”…the cool but unfortunate chic who gets this chemical “crap” inserted into her like some cheap stowaway / transport in this rouge attempt to secret this stuff to be mass produced.  Great movie that I haven’t even seen yet……but will when it comes out on DVD.

Perhaps all it would take is to spend as much time with Holy Spirit as she guides you into the Sacred Mysteries of the Human Genome put there for everyone to merely ask…and you shall receive. It’s all there, infinite possibilities, a treasure trove within you waiting for you to gaze upon it’s loveliness and dive into so that you can explore and “dare to be a god” as one of the students in Robbin Williams’ “Dead Poets Society” said prior to kicking a field goal. Yes, dare to be a god or a better word for it……The Enlightened One.

But, there are many Enlightened Ones but eventually ONE when all of the points of light, light in their own right, until the closing, the night, when the entire Universe, ready to implode because all of the points of light from the Original Big Bang, The Original Creation Point for this universe, in parallel with others, return to their source, full of Love, Knowledge; returning Son’s Of God, The Sonship, to the Single Source and point of the Greatest Fulfillment……..ready to do it all again.

So, keep the backfeed coming in you reverse bottom feeders, you. LOL


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