Hillary Is Not In Any Trouble


The Old Shoe
The Old Shoe

None of the network news have any clue about what’s happening in the post election stupidity.

I’m not into politics. My knowledge about what is going on is acquired by simply listening to what’s being said, checking the facts through reading relevant information and being aware of patterns in society from year to year. I do not watch network news. It’s like reading a comic book rather than reading the newspaper. They’re an insult to my intelligence. The more you watch coverage of what politicians say–and this includes radio and television talk show hosts–without really rationally considering what it is you’re consuming,  the stupider you get.

With that said, the only way for Hillary Clinton to lose the 2016 election is for the Republican Party to get it’s act together. For the Republican party to get its act together it needs to totally restructure its platform…..TOTALLY.

The Republican Party is afraid of doing this because of what it ultimately involves…… remaking themselves. They’re caught up in their ego. They think that if they put a splashy candidate forward, like Jeb Bush, that they will sail through the 2016 election with the obvious results of yesterday’s election. This is absolute madness and the epitome of arrogance.

I will not go into how it needs to restructure. The Republican Party knows what they have to do. I will, however, in a future article, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, elucidate my thoughts on this.

Nevertheless, the Republican’s lack of foresight ensures Hillary as a shoe-in for president in 2016. Anybody who denies this is obvious very ignorant.  Ignorance is dangerous, politically harmful and will only yield more problems, perhaps temporary victories but never a total victory for that party.

It’s not even worth it to even speak of a viable Republican candidate for president unless they restructure their platform. By failing to address this they will ultimately fail against Hillary Clinton.

I’m not a Democrat. I am a realist and I’m sick and tired of us being so blind to what’s really going on or not going on. Our country is not a country that is properly governed and our people are not properly being represented in Washington.  Although, I don’t think that this great country is in any grave danger of going away, we have given away our power to people who have lied and manipulated us.

Don’t you feel the least bit uncomfortable knowing this?  Whenever I hear a candidate extol their seemingly superhuman virtues to save our country from the clutches of Washington, the very same city where they will begin serving their first virgin term, I feel so soiled after having being shit upon that I feel the need to take a shower.

Do you like the fact that you have given your power away to your political representatives? Do you like the fact that your political representatives don’t give a rat’s ass about your interests and problems. They may seem that they do but they instinctively lie….both Democrats, Republicans Tea Party members and all politicians.

Politics is corrupt and Politicians are inherently corrupt, love to make backroom deals with those in their party as well as those across the aisle even if it conflicts with you, their constituents, The People who employ them: the populous, of whom without would render these clowns powerless.

How long are you going to blindly elect those who lie to you on the lectern and during their acceptance speech that they will solve the problem that their unseated opponents didn’t do anything about?

If nothing is done then we will absolutely have the first woman president in the history of this country. Do you like when American history takes dramatic turns like this? Isn’t it exciting when women finally get this far in their search for their rights?

I’m sure pumped and I can’t wait.

Keep those comments coming.


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