Ah, ha….Dinnasaur-Killing Comets Are Amazing Afterall

Touchdown for probe, Rosetta. Now, the once poorly perceived reputation of comets as ruthless killers that we, up until now, were relegated to fear, are objects of exploration and (OMG) a potential for making a better future for us all.


I want you to think real hard about that.  Comets are what’s left over from the creation of our solar system. So, they contain many of the raw elements that make up our planet and possibly elements that never got a chance to make up our planet…..OR elements and resources that we might need to make things better here.

Don’t get ALIEN on me, folks. No, there are no nasty monsters waiting for us. This can only be for our welfare if we work this right……..OR………if we do one better than just DO and create our success.

Stay tuned and watch a really cool, non-informercial, non-non educational television show that may teach you something…………..The Science Channel. Don’t worry, you won’t melt, it won’t bore you, and you may learn something.



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