Do They Think We’re Stupid?

Today is an historical day for this accomplishment by the Rosetta probe that landed successfully on this far away comet. But, do they expect us to believe that this is anything else but an economic opportunity?

I’m not criticizing this great project, I’m congratulating it.  What is laughable is one of the voice-overs for this montage video that says, “We just don’t know what’s out there!”

Are you kidding?

Why would you do something of this magnitude when you haven’t a clue of what’s out there?

Or get this one.  Another voice-over is heard expressing such seemingly naive sentiments as, “This is purely for Science and nothing else.”

Well, I would like to say to Mr. Rogers that(and please forgive me Mr. Rogers but the way most people remember you just so happens to be this mamby pamby person who probably is not you but most people’s subjective view of you.) yes this is for science but don’t try to fool us into thinking that all of the information garnered here isn’t going to be utilized for more practical purposes.

What practical purposes?   Ah, you haven’t read my previous article on this. Tisk, tisk.

Let me enlighten you.

In the late 21st century, or perhaps earlier, depending upon the amount of risk certain mining companies or conglomerates happen to have the balls for, comets and asteroids will probably be mined for their natural resources and some that are not indigenous to our planet.

What for?   Oh, I don’t know………new wonder drugs to really cure cancer perhaps or do you really expect the National Cancer Society to cure cancer?  Don’t waste your time with them; they have no such intention….believe me.

And…..I don’t know…..perhaps maybe the mining of asteroids and comets will yield the materials we need to construct space ships that can traverse our solar system better without the need to put astronauts into hibernation.  Perhaps these floating mines have a resource comparable to dilithium crystals that the science fiction television show, Star Trek, talks about.  Maybe there’s an asteroid that contains 75% methane.

Holy Rock Fart, Robin!

Whatever the discovery of this comet yields, you know there’s a lot more at stake than figuring out what happened during or before the Big Bang, my friends. Come on, wouldn’t you Wall Street investors get pumped if you got in on the ground floor of an up and coming start up mining company that put their fears aside, invested available venture capital and started a mining colony on an asteroid or comet the size of our moon?

Oh, but I already hear you environmentalists boohooing all of this.



“NIMS….(Not In My Solar System)”

Well, what if an alien species cruising near our solar system got a whiff, with their monitoring devices, of the presence of the equivalent of dilithium crystals that could power their warp core of their starship?  And what if they weren’t so very nice but pirates on a fledgling ship out of gas? What if, to stack the deck higher, what if they were like the Ferrengi of Star Trek, a race of merchants who scanned our solar system, saw what amounted to the riches of Solomon and invaded our system to begin harvesting these wondrous minerals so they could sell it 50 light years away and get the best price for it?

Do you understand what I’m getting at?

So, we’d detect their presence, eventually with our telescopes and what could we do?

NOTHING!  We have no spaceships. We’re outgunned and outnumbered all because we didn’t act now to mark our own Solar System Territory so that when an alien civilization just happens to cruise by they will be detected by our long range scanners. And maybe the mining and developing of these raw materials could yield us the fuel to go farther, the shielding that we would need to journey the wilderness of space or the capability to build faster and bigger vessels appropriate for deep space travel.

So, what’s the lesson to be learned class?

Don’t take any shit from anybody in our Galaxy. Well, yea but in the process we might just get a little too paranoid and mistakenly label a friendly civilization hostile. We want to be cautious but wise.

But, overall, what is the real lesson here?

Take advantage of this opportunity. Glean the priceless information from this historic find and TAKE OWNERSHIP OF WHAT RIGHTLY BELONGS TO US.

I welcome your comments.


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