The New Prejudice

The old prejudicial paradigm, the one that most of us who grew up in the 60’s, probably first hand where the color of our skin , gender, or our religion,  country of origin or even sexual persuasion seemingly pegged us for being singled out by blind, insensitive and ignorant people is dead.

It no longer is valid.

Governments throughout the world have passed all kinds of civil rights laws to assist or guide those who don’t know any better. We’re all so familiar with them. Those of us who endured the burden of racism more than others are grateful for these laws but now we live in a new century and in this new century we are obligated–but much more–we are free and privileged enough to no longer need them.

It is time to welcome a more fitting prejudice.  The one that divides Intelligence from ignorance. However, I speak to those who reside as citizens of The United States Of America. America where a good, sophisticated and unparalleled quality of education is available for free to the public for children ages 7 through 17.

Billions of dollars in tax dollars is deducted from employees’ checks every year that fund American education. I’m proud to pay my dues and so should you. Therefore there is absolutely no excuse for any child within that age range not to receive the best education.  The results of such a potentially unbridled educational experience free to all despite who they are or where they come from is that each and every child, if they so choose, will place themselves upon a path of success.

All things being equal, and with that said, the only difference among all of us given this precious opportunity granted to us is whether we choose to take advantage of that gift of education or not. The only prejudice that should exist among us here in the 21st Century is that between The Intelligent and The Ignorant. Either you improve yourself or you don’t.

Most who will read this will not like this one bit. Hey, “either you’re on the bus or off the bus.” as Ken Kesey once said of his Merry Pranksters. Either you’re with the program or without it. Nobody has any excuses and there’s no room for complaint.

Me too. I’m as much answerable and responsible to this truth as any of you. There’s no way around it or any way to mince this up. It’s served up straight.

So, eat heartily, my friends. And keep the letters and email coming.




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