The Mary Poppins Principle

marypoppinsThis is a very important video for all of you to watch. It is brief but mandatory viewing prior to reading my article. Enjoy!

So, “In every job to be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and then…SNAPthe job’s a game.”

First, get your tongues out of your mouth and remove those jaded, negative thoughts from your mind. This isn’t just for children to get them to do their chores. This is great advice for every single one of us, young or old. And I am fully authorized to advise you to do this because I do this every single day at work.  I don’t have a great voice but I have memorized a lot of my favorite songs and I can whistle if I want to. The most important thing that is going to get in your way is your pride or your ego.

Let It Go!   It’s no good to you anyway.  Oh, it may seem to ground you into reality and keep you in the here and now but for the most part it’s hurting you and keeping you from really living your life.


Okay, forgive my brashness. I’ll work with you on this. It wasn’t easy for me to do this without being self conscious.  Chances are that I will get more of you women out there to let go of your tenacious hold on your ego before the men do.

I am a liberated man and so I suppose I will have to liberate the women first. But, women are already pretty liberated with all of the work that was done because of giants like Gloria Steinem back in the 60’s and 70’s.  It’s a whole lot easier for females today to follow Mary’s advice. But, I have news for you men out there………….YOU’RE NEXT!

So, think of a cool song that you like. Anything at all and sing it while you shop, work in your cubicle or while your making a delivery. Whatever you’re doing, just hum a little tune, whistle or sing out loud. Put those iphones to use beside talking while you’re driving, texting or surfing the internet and play your favorite songs and sing along with it….OUT LOUD SO PEOPLE CAN HEAR YOU.

So, you have your assignment and there will be a quiz next week to grade your performance.

Here… the video again and learn:




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