I Am an Optimistic Atheist


Well, before I get into part 2 of “The Peter Pan Plan” which I’m sure you all are waiting impatiently for with baited breath, let me digress a bit. As a matter of fact, if I judge this brief little distraction away from Peter correctly and it’s possible that I could be right on about this,  this could indeed supplement and very well enrich my argument. I’m sure our friend Peter won’t mind.

Excuse me for a second, folks……

What was that, Peter?

So, you were just going to go right along and proceed with this diversion of yours without consulting me or asking my permission.

Dude…..come on, even you can appreciate a slight diversion fr……

Hey, you again referred to me with this “Dude” thing. Have you no respect for me, a mythological legend?

Excuse me, but you’re not a mythological legend. You were created by James Barrie 110 years ago. And another thing, this is the 21st century, man. We are not in the 19th century.

And there you go again, thinking that I am bound by your all too familiar  concept of time. Well, I’m not. How do you think I’m able to maintain this youthful body?

Okay, Peter…..Folks, pardon me a minute. I didn’t really foresee this happening. He never has had a problem with me talking about him before……Peter, this is an article for my blog; this isn’t about you. You’re imaginary.

And yet you’re dignifying my every existence by continuing to communicate with me. Figure that one out, Sherlock. 

[Thought] Wow, he does have a point.

Jim….listen….I’m not perpetrating any more confusion than you’ve obviously created for yourself. All I am asking is that you postpone what you call your “distraction”– and I think it will be more than just a brief one– and get on with what is probably one of the most important writing pieces yet. But, if you would rather wallow in your distraction then fine; however, I would appreciate your permission first.

Very well, Peter……….Peter, prince of all of the Pans, may I have your permission to put off my argument within the context of your story and speak to my readers about my optimistic atheism?

You have my permission. And thank you, Jim

So you see, Folks, imaginary personae, Peter and of course fairies do exist and they will definitely have their way and sometimes demand to have their views known.

Excuse me again.

What is it Tinkerbell?

&*^%*^%&$&^&  )$#^%*%$#T^%^^%*^(**(#@!#^%&()*&%^&%$#

Oh, I see. Excuse me just a second, Tink.

As you know, Tink usually does not speak, well English anyway. When she does she only speaks in Fairy tongue and that’s what is illustrated as best as this particular blog site can accurately render. She was just wondering if she could get a word in concerning the fact that she is still very upset concerning a brief though purely innocent but completely irrelevant relationship that Peter had with the head Fairy in charge of rainstorms.  So, she’s a bit under the weather, if you know what I mean.

Tink, I understand that you’re upset but if you’ll be patient, Peter said that he will be with you shortly and he will explain everything. Could you please go now and meet him over at the Indian camp at Neverland?

I say, Jim, Tink and I have been friends…..very good friends for hundreds of years but sometimes she can wear on you.

I know what that’s about, Pete.

Well, I’ll be seeing ya.

Later, Pete.


Now where was I?  Oh yea.

So, what does it mean to be an Optimistic Atheist?  Like most atheists, I don’t believe in the existence of God in this universe. Now, that’s not to say that He doesn’t exist. Quite frankly there’s no scientific way to prove his existence one way or another. I believe that after the Big Bang this super highly evolved being, which we all can aspire to some day, left us alone in this free will universe which He created to follow our own path and eventually learn to co-create with Him or this collective of highly evolved beings that is called God. Be reassured that I will discuss what I mean by that in a future post.

In effect, there is no God. God is not dead but “he is not here”.  Now what do I mean by that?  At the moment of the Big Bang God, represented in that infinitesimally tiny dot the size of an atom, separated Himself into all that there is. We, you and I and all who live on this planet, all of the natural world, every planet in our solar system, all of the stars in our galaxy and our universe and all of the universes and multi-verses are all there is, the composite makeup of what God created, which Is Him.

So, in that way, God Is Not Around.  Technically no where to be found. He is made up of all there is.  We are a part of God. We and all of the created universe are God in an expanded separated form. And according to the physicists our universe is still expanding. But, perhaps someday the universe will reach its full volume (if that makes any sense) and then begin collapsing in on itself.

That, implosion,  as I understand it means that it is time (not a very good term to use, of course. Forgive me) to return to the source of all there is. We should be very highly evolved by then. Something to look forward to because at that point we will create the right way and not just make. Too much making going on here and not enough creating.


But, you see, it’s more than that. God’s creation means (at least it does to me) A journey outward all purposed for understanding ourselves. God, or all there is, is seeking to understand itself through me, through you and everyone and every living or seemingly inanimate thing present in our universe.

So, take advantage of every moment you have while your alive. Live life to the fullest, open your mind, explore, experience, do those things on your bucket list and expand who you are as much as you can so that when we all come together in that wonderful implosion we’ll all have so much to talk about.

So, what I mean by saying that I’m an optimistic atheist is that yes, I believe that there is no God in the sense that he is the sum of all that expanded from the big bang outward and which eventually gave birth to our galaxy, our solar system and the Earth we call home.  He gave us freedom to independently live out our existence.  And Steven Hawking’s  research and findings actually, as I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, bear this out.

Remember the television program on the History Channel where he’s sitting underneath the apple tree talking about Newton’s theory of gravity and how he expounded upon it? Remember the thought experiment he illustrated in which he imagined those thousands of ball bearings rolling into the student dining room at Oxford University representing what made up the early universe and how everything was rather static until 5 ball bearings were removed giving way to the other ball bearings moving around to make up the difference?  That move toward “imperfection” which he theorized occurring very early following the Big Bang set into motion a universe that could begin to grow and develop with little or no intervention by God The Creator.

That’s what I interpret as The Imperfect Universe which I spoke of in an earlier post. That is where we are now and that is why there is no God.

There is no God to blame for our problems, no God to dump our crap onto. We are solely responsible for what we make here in this physical world. We’re on our own but we’re not alone. We have each other and each of us is a little piece of the Big God. And each of us has been growing steadily, working out our karma as we go from lifetime to lifetime and trying to get better.

And we will. It’s our destiny. But, it’s more than hope or faith or belief.  It’s all about KNOWING.  DON’T HAVE FAITH…….KNOW.  KNOWLEDGE IS WHAT WE’RE AFTER. FAITH IS A VERY SUBSTANDARD WAY TO LIVE IN RELATION TO OUR PURPOSE AS EXTENSIONS OF GOD. Don’t believe. Know.  And if you don’t feel that you’re up to it or it’s hard. Fake it until you do know.

You know?

That is my theory of The Optimistic Atheist and I more than gladly welcome your comments.




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