The Monkey and The Postman

“Monkey, monkey, monkey,” said the bulletproof chauffeur.

“Your flute is out of tune.”

“Why, thank you Mr. Kaffer, or did you mean to bleat or pur?”

“Not at all.” the seasoned driver said.

“Then, why am I depressed?”

“You need to get some rest.”

“A likely answer to a debilitating conundrum.” said the apish squirrel-shaped baboon.

“Oh, yes it is but what of the problem you laid before me now?”

“What of it indeed; do you have more to add?

“No, but I just thought you might…”

“In anticipation of..”

“That’s right!”

“Of an altogether memory lapse of fear.” They said in unison.

And they both laughed their asses off.


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