Beached on a Lonely Precipice

Basking in the sun-drenched illusion of being

Sitting daunted till the Pullman reaches outward

Talk to me gently of sparkling pitfalls

Till the sun rains down mud


Long quenched clouds sparkling deeming

Cooling hot fires seeking none

Calling from water towers till seeming

Then falling till caught beneath the stout

That is how I shall be remembered


Or did you forget how dimly I recalled that play

It came upon a weary afternoon’s eating frenzy

But because I was asleep

I forgot the whole thing and left it to be

Eternally forgotten until now

Now is the moment

Now is the reason why the porcupines doodle and dawdle


Make it plain for other eyes to see

And interpret as meaningful

Make it seemingly undaunted to fly upwards

Yet glide outward until caught by fallacious flaunting fires seeking solace

But no

And again I say no to the winds that asked me why

Don’t knead them….go into the void and ask the goddess yourself

She is kind, benevolent but wise enough to catch your cautious,

Swerving egotistical ways of lying.

You know what I mean.


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