The Tail of the Dooty Bird

Here’s one you’ve never heard the likes of……”The Flight of the Duty Bird”


Herein lies the secrets we’ve

seldom been told

nor the plaintiff errors of past ribbons worn

but never have you seen flown a more prestigious pheasant

Yes indeed here he is

all feathered in the glamor of the most talked of winged creatures

and seldom spoken of in more grounded circles


The Duty Bird sings a melodious toon

to which no mere mortal can relate

unless you unleash it from the underbelly of your sarcophagus

to go unpronounced in the bleak still wind of Wanda’s workshirt


Yes Wanda, dear Wanda, the keeper of a bird so fine

has taken the drudgery out of so common a household task

as to feed birds from her balcony and ask

What need of we of The Duty Bird?


What need of we

of so obvious a flightful pheasant?

Why, its so obviously presented to all

For what does it venture a man (or a woman so brave)

as to imitate the Duty Bird’s call?


So I put to you again this fateful decision

to cage the bird free or set him alight on your knee


to ground your ambitions to few in this circle so unsure

for the Duty Bird waits for no one’s rendition of color’s end

to bide it’s time so freely

So, seek him in the recesses of your mind


sing it out loud of your disdain for such a notion


Forget it altogether.


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