Death By Chocolate

Rainbow rivalry set out on its course

to the unknown places of makeshift maypoles.


It all seemed to be a dream.

No lights, no thunder,

no tornadoes twisting our thoughts.

Nothing at all but the pitter patter of screams.


And yet the Humpty Dumpty of Dreams

taught us plenty of how to get through this mess.

I don’t know; it all seemed to quiet and decomposed somehow

to be thinking of a way out of death.


And nobody batted an eye when I raised this subject.

Nobody dug themselves of fear-hole in the ground

and leaped into it for the sake of fertilizing a fern.

Nobody at all except this one guy

who danced around the theater of tomorrow

into the forbidding pegboard of unscrupulous irony.


He had the sense enough to

take what was within.

He had the gall enough to

go to one side and just leap into

the raindrops that never hit the ground.


I always wondered what happened when he

forgot the line that was twisted around

his brain and how that would have made a difference

as the sky opened up and fed into itself.


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