Kleo and Her Silent Meows

What comes out of Kleo’s mouth

when she doesn’t make a sound?


She looks to the left

she looks to the right

and stares incessantly

at the invisible object of wonder.


Now she walks carefully, intently

until she finds a mouse.

And then she bats it around the floor,

hitting it here, hitting it there

knocking it senseless until

it finally gets up and says, “Eat me!”


But, she doesn’t eat it.

She curls up with it and plays with it

until finally the mouse says, “Why are you doing this to me?

I just want to be eaten and swallowed and digested by your

stomach until I’m finally gone.”


But Kleo knows better.

She knows that would give the mouse pleasure.

And neither would any of us do something any different

than what we would really suppose it would mean so much to us.


Endless cadres of fury

Founded by the wind.

Curious cats with tails wagging

and heads of dogs dropping

and kites flying with the piano

fingered fairly in it’s storm-ridden browse.


That was in her mind

the night she decided to let the mouse go.

And out it went but it didn’t know where or

who to fend for.

It walked along the plain

nothing but incessant rain

seeking out what could not be seen

and then throwing up his arms and saying,

“What the Fuck!”


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