Take Back Your Power From Your Political Leaders

As you will see very soon, this is a reprint of the post you see below which you will be redirected to very shortly. I did this mainly because this, being the great article that it is, deserved to be printed in the editorial page of the New York Times but for now will dwell on my blog. And there it is for you to alternately read in its literary glory.  Thank you in advance for your kind appreciation.

The main reason why there are no rational solutions being presented for resolving the problem of Isis is that we depend so much on seeking out information from the news media in order to formulate our understanding of the matters at hand. All of the television, radio and internet sources for news are tainting their information with their own political slant. Grant it, how else are we going to find out about what’s going on? No one has the time to do the amount of reading and research it would take in order to compete with the seeming quality of news we can get through an hour of watching the news. But, we are surely impinging upon our quality of knowledge and wearing away the important element of common sense which we all cherish if we continue to rely solely upon dubious sources of information. But one thing is certain here and this may help you to ever so slightly turn your gaze away from the television and your favorite news commentators. There is nothing new going on here. Let that sink in a little bit. THERE IS NOTHING NEW GOING ON OR BEING SAID HERE. This is not really a difficult problem to solve if we calm ourselves down, quiet our minds and give ourselves room to allow our own intuition and feelings to come forth and be expressed. And when we all….each and every one of us, center ourselves and seek within ourselves, where the God Who created us really resides, the answer to this grave and seemingly confounding problem will reveal itself to us. Please, I beseech you my brothers and sisters….take back the power that is yours from your confused political leaders who are, right before our eyes, failing to lead our country. They, though seemingly acting with good intentions, are leading us astray. We must not judge them or brand them with labels or make fun of them with names. They are us and we are all connected. But, they will continue to act foolishly unless we refuse to allow them to. Perhaps it is not as important for us to be thinking about who we want to elect for president as it is to clearly decide who really should be in power here. Our leaders or We The People.


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