Our Gods Are Our Descendants



Given the extensive research and finds of Zechariah Sitchin, from the outset, if you accept the premise of the voluminous writings of this author, it would seem as if there is a possibility, based upon this research that our gods are none other than the ancient astronauts of our ancient past.

However, could we view this a different way? What if these ancient astronauts are not necessarily from our past but from our future? More specifically, could the Nefilim or Annunaki (those who from the sky came down) be our future descendants?

So, since we have been asked by Mr. Sitchin through his 9 plus books to entertain these controversial yet logically worked out circumstantial evidence, why not, while we’re in the mood for really interesting yet kind of far out things to think about, entertain the possibility that these gods came from our distant future.

Could we be The Annunaki not necessarily, in the way that Sitchin seems to propose, but because we will be the ones giving birth to them?

I have read, at this writing, the first four books from “The Earth Chronicles” series and up until now I have maintained my belief that the Annunaki or Nefilim originated from this rogue elliptically orbiting planet, Nibiru, when they left it approximately 500,000 years ago, are from our past. Why am I now considering that they, who Sitchin contends fathered our race, could be our descendants whom we shall father?

Sorry…weird, I know. Please suspend for the moment all you happen to believe in the grandfather paradox and bear with me while I present to you this argument. And bear with me those of you who aren’t familiar with Sitchin or his writings. However, if you are the least bit curious about our origins as The Human Species this would be a great place and opportunity to begin to whet your appetite.

The reason I am reconsidering the time from which the Annunaki might have originated from when they came to extract gold to repair their depleted atmosphere is based upon a politically-based conversation with my future father-in-law concerning the current front runner, Donald Trump, who is running for president in 2016. I asked him a troubling but equally curious question concerning whether or not we should be overly concerned with a personality such as Trump who is coming on the scene with promises to save America from the seemingly inevitable implosion it is facing because of, among so many issues going on, its fading strength of purpose as a world power.

I asked him whether or not we should be concerned about electing a president such as Trump who could possibly, like Obama did with a liberal slant, initiate a temporary freeze on American Liberty in order to present a more permanent solution to the threat of terrorism from Isis or boost ourselves economically by getting tough with our trading partners throughout the world (including China) or any number of other approaches that might resolve our present national dilemmas.

His response was an emphatic No. With him we could solve most of America’s present problems. What would be best for this country would be a Benevolent Dictator.

I couldn’t believe my ears when he said this. But, this doesn’t surprise me as there are many Americans out there who would entertain the same seeming fitting but short-term and possibly dangerous resolution.

And hearing him say this got me to thinking more about this in a different way. Could this be the fate of America? Surely, the events going on now are reminiscent if we think back historically, of what happened just prior to Rome being sacked by the Visigoths (ancient German tribes prior to their coalition centuries later as the Germany which eventually developed into the one we are familiar with. And surely, we as Americans, whether this fear of repeating ancient mistakes of our Western Civilization enters our consciousness or not, we do not want to repeat such a tragic mistake as what occurred during the fall of the Roman Empire even though the advantage of that gave birth to the political birth of Christianity. So, conscious of this or not we naturally and instinctively will fight to maintain our way of life even if there is more going on spiritually and historically than we can right now imagine.

But, what if Trump wins and he, after turning from the lectern from which the present supreme court justice anoints him as the 45th President, immediately begins implementing his campaign promises to the heart-felt relief of those who supported him? What if prior to his first 90 days in office he spearheads a very successful post-inaugural campaign to persuade The American People and congress of the implementation of his ideas to resolve everything? What if at  his first State of the Union address in January 2017 he, is thoroughly applauded with mostly standing ovations on both sides of the aisle for what he’s accomplished giving him the feedback he needs to begin his next phase of his presidency? What if, after three years there are still a lot of serious problems festering in this country and the world irrelevant in importance of course to the big issues he’s already triumphed over that still need his attention but can’t be addressed without a very bold move?

What if after a predictive landslide victory for his second term he unprecedentedly announces a major change in The United States Constitution that would temporarily change the powers of the presidency and the balance of power that we have all become accustomed to that define our grand political system that began with the American Revolutionary War?

What if that very bold change in the Constitution, seemingly benign at first and of course expediently amended from The Constitution after the allotted period with which it was originally implemented with, what if that, as all amendments do, take their rightful place in that grand document but remains, just the same, as a precedent for future political changes to be taken by presidential administrations during much different circumstances?

The year is 2516 and America and the world is a radically different place than it was 500 years before. All of the improvements which science fiction predicted in all of the books ever written prior to the ancient election of 2016 have already come to light and are old hat by now. What’s not old hat but a rather novel idea in the mind of the lawyer who is assisting the present occupier of The Whitehouse is a curious 15th amendment added to the Constitution back in 2020 which gave the president extended powers. But, the problems affecting the country nowadays are nothing to the threats which Isis troubled the world with because now the threat comes from one of our neighboring races on a planet in the Alpha Centuri system over a property squabble has to do with an outer-lying sector of our solar system which we gave to the Racpenese People to settle a mining dispute back in 2103 that could have led to an all out war with such a technologically advanced people if it weren’t for the fact that the Copansxch People, allies of ours (who are actually distant cousins of the Nefilim, unknown to us at the time) The problem as it is now is that the Racpenese found a loophole in that old contract which allows them to still own and mine the Kyper belt in our system, an area that we weren’t so concerned with in the 22nd century but sure as hell need in the 26th.

Nevertheless, in exchange for their help as we were at that time very familiar with the negotiating nature of our dear friends, they asked that we could settle the planet Nibiru, a rogue planet which, as it entered our solar system every 3600 years it also, in the same time interval, visited—with all of its gravitational splendor—they needed to be mined for its almost unlimited supply of Di-lithium Crystals. They, being a race of pleasant, peaceful but highly administrative types, did not want to engage in this type of slave labor. Therefore they had the humans do it for them until a contract of 100 years passed at which time we as indentured servants would own the planet outright.

And we, in the year 2203 celebrate the end of that contract that the Copansxch and us celebrated together and following the completion of the transforming of that planet into an Earth-like planet better than our own in 2250 Nibiru was, for lack of a better name Earth II, the first step in the first inhabited planet for the Human Species.


But the story doesn’t end there, but it will for now until Chapter 2 in my next posting of this article.


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