The Real Force Awakens

I did my first experiment today to see if this thing that the quantum physicists call Dark Energy, or what the New Age community terms the Universal Calibration Lattice really works. You all recognize this odd yet interesting phenomena as 6 degrees of separation or “it’s not an accident or a co-incidence…it’s meant to be” or The Force (Yep, can’t wait for the new Star Wars film…oh boy!).
So, I was driving home from where I work at Trader Joes. In front of me is another driver going the speed limit in the passing lane. I signal with my headlights for them to turn over into the right lane. They, of course don’t. So, I tried something novel. “I will,” I said to myself. “while focusing on my solar plexus (area where the belly button is) I pretend to signal my brights while having the intention to request the driver to move over and let me pass.” So, I did this, waiting 10 seconds and then the driver began to speed up a bit and after passing a few cars on the right turned into the right lane so that I could pass by.
This does not prove anything. I will never be able to empirically prove that my thoughts influenced this person to behave as they did and let me pass. However, If I did this successfully about perhaps 1000 times consistently then you could say that there was a certain percentage of probability that this could possibly occur.
One thing I would like to point out is that from what I’ve heard–and I know nothing about physics or quantum physics for that matter–Quantum Physics is getting closer and closer to possibly coming up with a theory or perhaps a law with which to define what Dark Energy or this so called Universal Calibration Lattice (termed by Ms. Peggy Dubro in “Elegant Empowerment” (2002 Platinum Publishing House) is and then perhaps define for us the way in which it actually works so that we can make use of it. To do so would literally revolutionize our world with results we have never ever seen before since anything we can imagine that we have discovered or created.
I’ll let you know how my next 999 attempts at this go. For now…Question Everything and Be Skeptical but be open to knowledge for knowledge, not hope or faith is what we need to create the world of peace we all desire.
Thank You.

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