Death By Chocolate

Rainbow rivalry set out on its course

to the unknown places of makeshift maypoles.


It all seemed to be a dream.

No lights, no thunder,

no tornadoes twisting our thoughts.

Nothing at all but the pitter patter of screams.


And yet the Humpty Dumpty of Dreams

taught us plenty of how to get through this mess.

I don’t know; it all seemed to quiet and decomposed somehow

to be thinking of a way out of death.


And nobody batted an eye when I raised this subject.

Nobody dug themselves of fear-hole in the ground

and leaped into it for the sake of fertilizing a fern.

Nobody at all except this one guy

who danced around the theater of tomorrow

into the forbidding pegboard of unscrupulous irony.


He had the sense enough to

take what was within.

He had the gall enough to

go to one side and just leap into

the raindrops that never hit the ground.


I always wondered what happened when he

forgot the line that was twisted around

his brain and how that would have made a difference

as the sky opened up and fed into itself.


Cooing Chicks in the Breeze


Fragrant points of cupid daring

the mosquito in the pocket

toward insubstantial pitiful low edge

if you could ply it up

toward nothing new

could it bore you into knitting

the neckties twisting

my neck till I’m screaming.


Hold of going there now

write off negotiating placid dreams

negating nortorious numbers plumbing upward

Not me, I’m the problem.

Not him, plumbs in the basement

always knocking never playing


Caldron boiling nipping nasty doldrums

boxed up plucking drop kicks

kidding me taking notes never bothered

take time to pay the rent and play games

toward toucans teaming with cleft chins upward

Imagine Peace

You’ve no doubt seen that bumper sticker on the back of someone’s car which expressed two simple words that made up a seemingly obvious phrase that said, “Imagine Peace”.

Well, given the fact that thoughts do create our reality then how do we do it?  Of course, this particular bumper sticker was created to get this message out in a way in which just by virtue of the person reading it and saying it silently to themselves as they are driving in their car behind the car which displayed this message, the crux of the message could enter directly into their subconscious and begin its work to get the ball rolling so that all those who read it can find a way to do it.

Perhaps that’s why I’m writing this particular article. Since first reading that first and succeeding “Imagine Peace” bumper stickers I now have something to contribute to the work of bringing about World Peace.

I began thinking about this in the shower where, by virtue of the quality which water possesses toward connecting me to Spirit, I thought about where we are in human evolution now and where we are headed in either 1000 years, 100 years or 10 years. It could happen in one of those three powers of ten years. Or it could happen within a number of other different time intervals. I don’t really know. This is something which is wholly dependent upon a whole plethora of factors. What’s most important is that we put this to The Holy Spirit and Jesus in prayer who is in charge of The Atonement, let go and have faith enough to wait for the answer.

What I have received and of which you have the opportunity and the freedom to either accept as true or not is that we must imagine world peace from the starting point which is where we are now with all of the issues, problems, dilemmas, good and bad things happening now and take it sequentially step by step through time which has been given us as a learning aid by The Holy Spirit toward any and all of its possible conclusions.

The first conclusion that I see is a world in which Human Beings live upon a garden called Earth. We Are An Androgynous Race living in total harmony with Mother Earth and all created animals things…everything. This may be hard to imagine but yes, there no longer is a need for us to be divided into male and female.  Procreation was originally meant to insure our survival. We are no longer in danger because nothing can hurt us. We’ve grown beyond our need for fear which ruled us through our Ego for 10,000 years.

Things are very different now.  What’s more, we no longer need to eat animal flesh or any of the plants for the protein to maintain the muscles covering our skeletal framework or the anatomy that we once needed.  The food we take into our bodies comes from the atmosphere. The atmosphere is thick with all kind of intangible elements we can’t imagine right now which when breathed in gives us all we need to maintain the healthy bodies which we possess now.

We know not of want but we are a mighty people who have come into our very right as God’s Children, Son’s Of God who live on Love. We are very technologically advanced. However, it is a totally organically-based technology which never inflicts harm upon the environment. A technology that is essentially invisible with the only visible sign of our culture being a collective of harmonized peaceful, yet extremely adventurous, fun-loving people. To visitors we almost seem primitive due to how close we live with nature but upon closer observation the visitor is pleasantly surprised to learn of how amazingly advanced but stunningly loving this caretaker species of Earth really is.

Nothing Is Impossible. Since we have chosen to remove the necessity of being ruled by our ego which we needed strictly for survival for 10,000 years, everything has changed. One of which is the seemingly limited capacity of our brains. We have evolved to the point in which we can utilize roughly 30 percent of our brain capacity. With that we are able to manipulate gravity, transport ourselves wherever we wish via thought, and with the bountiful love in our hearts due to our recovery of who we are as God’s Son, manipulate this planet and any planet we choose to whatever we want to create with all of the seminal elements which make it up.

We Are Creators living as The Image Of Our Parent, God.

This is the Dawn Of A Golden Age in Human Civilization which quite possibly we could create a continuum of for the next billion years or longer until it is finally time for our Universe, this All That Is to ultimately return to itself, It’s Creator, all that we have discovered through the power and opportunity of Knowledge. With an ease that can’t be imagined now, Humans have traversed not only their own sector of The Milky Way Galaxy, but its entirety, while being reunited with many of its inhabitants one of which seeded Earth many millennia ago giving rise to our unique brand of humanoid. And it never stops there for we long ago cast away that silly notion that the galaxy cannot be conquered. It shall be because Love Cannot Be Contained. When the cup of Love has overflowed, its time to seek a larger container with which to contain it and still a larger container. Given that nothing can stand in the way of a Glorious Human Species from reuniting with its brothers and helping to promote understanding and knowledge amongst those who, like us long ago, were in their evolutionary infancy this is the logical progression of hope toward our destiny. It is at this point that we will have come full circle realizing that we are now The Creators like those who came into contact with us at the dawn of our civilization long, long ago.

It’s extremely difficult to imagine peace in a world that, by virtue of its dualistic nature, challenges us at every turn especially through the medium of television, with images of hatred, war, natural disasters and people suffering unimaginable things. As spiritually minded people who continually do good works we wonder if anything good can ever come of the effort we invest into trying to love this seemingly dark world of ours. But, we must continually remind ourselves that changes are occurring and they are actually happening at an accelerated rate right now compared to 15 years ago.

Thankfully, we have “A Course In Miracles” and many other healing modalities which when implemented (and they are as I write this) are turning back the seemingly dark clouds of fear and doubt. And even though it may seem that Jesus death on the cross 2000 years ago took him away from us, it is through his resurrection that The Christic Integrity remains a force to be reckoned with. Many of us do not understand just what happened back then and it is natural when we look at the altar in church to feel nothing but grief or even with his resurrection still feel a loss because it seems even though he rose from the dead that there is still a loss which causes us to feel alone.

We Are Not Alone. Jesus Christ lives and the utterly profound message he gives us lives through the pages of “A Course In Miracles” and He lives in our hearts and minds when we give him room. Together, reborn through the reality of The Christ Energy Of The Sonship we have the power to change our world in this way as if Jesus never died at all.

When we take what Jesus teaches, make it our own and live The Love Of God the very world we live in now is transformed into The Way It Is. The way we see it through our fault-prone five physical senses is in error and illusory. With Jesus wisdom and the lessons he gives us to put into practice this will all change and become something else entirely as if it had never gone wrong at all to begin with. The way that God sees us and our world. Perfect, sinless and as faultless as he originally created it all. It would be blasphemy for us to see it any other way and yet the Holy Spirit uses our error to help us learn that even God can’t conceive of blaming us for anything.

I have begun to practice what I’ve read in “A Course In Miracles” and that is why I have begun to understand that Imagining Peace is not only the answer but totally unavoidable for Human Beings. Up until this point we have been makers. Now, we have the opportunities of being Creators, Co-creators with God. With our little willingness, just by us calling upon The Holy Spirit for help, most of the work of restoration, including what I’ve detailed above, will be accomplished not through our toil and sweat but effortlessly, mostly by God and his 95% portion of responsibility. He only asks that we turn our gaze from the darkened glass of the ego and behold the brilliance of Love. The Love Of Christ.

In future articles I hope to speak concerning more tangible applications of “A Course In Miracles” in our daily life.

Thank You.

The Tail of the Dooty Bird

Here’s one you’ve never heard the likes of……”The Flight of the Duty Bird”


Herein lies the secrets we’ve

seldom been told

nor the plaintiff errors of past ribbons worn

but never have you seen flown a more prestigious pheasant

Yes indeed here he is

all feathered in the glamor of the most talked of winged creatures

and seldom spoken of in more grounded circles


The Duty Bird sings a melodious toon

to which no mere mortal can relate

unless you unleash it from the underbelly of your sarcophagus

to go unpronounced in the bleak still wind of Wanda’s workshirt


Yes Wanda, dear Wanda, the keeper of a bird so fine

has taken the drudgery out of so common a household task

as to feed birds from her balcony and ask

What need of we of The Duty Bird?


What need of we

of so obvious a flightful pheasant?

Why, its so obviously presented to all

For what does it venture a man (or a woman so brave)

as to imitate the Duty Bird’s call?


So I put to you again this fateful decision

to cage the bird free or set him alight on your knee


to ground your ambitions to few in this circle so unsure

for the Duty Bird waits for no one’s rendition of color’s end

to bide it’s time so freely

So, seek him in the recesses of your mind


sing it out loud of your disdain for such a notion


Forget it altogether.

Lay Ye Down, My Dear Brother, The Instruments of War

I wrote the following poem while at the Veterans Administration (VA) building in Suffolk County on Long Island sipping a hot cup of starbucks coffee waiting for a veteran friend of mine who had gone there for an appointment.

Ease down my brother,

for the war you fought is done.

time for healing is nigh

take comfort in the light


Bear it my brother

learn the lesson well

seek to find the eternal light

that no such darkness can quell


Gone on are the causes for war

they disappear with fear

that once had you hung on

victorious dreams

in the end there is only you


Bear it my brother

learn the lesson well

seek to find the eternal light

that no such darkness can quell


You who valiantly volunteered

or you who were prodded to serve

you who did not understand

the reason for war back then

but who went anyway


Bear it my brother

learn the lesson well

seek to find the eternal light

that no such darkness can quell


I give you the honor you deserve

but it is you who honors yourself

whose honor never was questioned.


Bear it my brother

learn the lesson well

seek to find the eternal light

that no such darkness can quell


My Thoughts On Easter

I realized that I promised you an article entitled “The Passion Play” but unfortunately I couldn’t finish it in time for this weekend. What I have are my thoughts on Easter.

As I write this I’m feeling particularly sad, disappointed and melancholy concerning Easter, and the event which made it the central holy day of Christianity over 2000 years ago. But, you know, it happened long ago and it wouldn’t really bother me except just one thing.

Why do they call it Good Friday? And another thing while we’re on the topic; We’re all aware of the negative connotation which is attributed to any 13th calendar day when it happens to fall on a Friday and this is also something which I discussed in length back several posts ago. It’s bad enough that many of us are still hung up on the thinking that bad luck will be lurking just around the corner on that day. What should be discussed is how to get us away from this denial about how bad that fateful Friday was back 2000 years ago.

Okay, let’s start with an explanation from good ole about what’s going on with Friday the 13th.

“King Philip IV of France, in collusion with then Pope Clement V, had Grand Master Jaques De Molay and sixty of his Templar brothers arrested as apostates on Friday the thirteenth of October 1307. This was done in order to claim the famed properties and wealth of the Knights Templars as their own.”

You know who the Templars are, right? Basically they were the organization seemingly in charge with protecting the faithful in their pilgrimage to Israel. What you might not know is that this was a front. They were really charged with finding and safeguarding The Holy Grail or the record of the lineage of King David to Jesus and from Jesus and Mary’s descendants up until that time. Now, because the fact that Jesus and Mary were married with children at the time of the crucifixion was a dangerous idea indeed, the pope couldn’t approve it and thus had them stamped out through his tool, King Phillip.

Now, that’s an awful long time ago but fortunately for us modern folks we must give thanks to Thomas Lawson, an author who wrote a story entitled “Friday The Thirteenth” about an unscrupulous Wall Street broker who uses that same superstition to create a panic on Wall Street. This seems to be how the idea of Friday the 13th became popularized.

But, I  just don’t see anyone who will courageously step up to the plate and explain to us (at this point in time that is) explicitly why this day when Jesus was murdered at the hands of the Pharisees, Pontius Pilate and the roman soldiers has to be called Good Friday.

Are we particularly happy to see Jesus hanging, nailed and bleeding up on the cross every single day that we enter the church that we frequent the most?  It shouldn’t make you happy. It’s my opinion that if the site of an image of your God and your savior in the process of dying in such an ungodly gruesome way is pleasant then there is something wrong with you.

Would you stand by idly while someone was being mugged and murdered on the street in your neighborhood? Then why should you stand by idly when this image of Jesus is so blatantly placed in front of your church as to give you no other choice but to look at it, unless of course if you closed your eyes?

I’m trained as a theologian and I’m well aware of the history surrounding this event and what is written in the bible. And although the professors and mentors of mine at the time went to great lengths to persuade me of the right kind of thinking and faith to have about this, I still don’t get it.

Do you?

What lies at the core of me being upset at what happened to Jesus because of all of this is the fact that we have very little of his teachings to read. Look at the religion of Buddhism. They have reams of Gautama’s words of wisdom. Why should Christianity, one of the most popular religions in the world be so lacking in the words of the teaching of its leader?

I would really cherish a book that contained all of Jesus’ words of wisdom rather than his words from a second hand story. Well, that’s precisely what those four books in the New Testament of the bible is, isn’t it?  I mean, no where in the Bible is there the recorded text from what Jesus may have written down from a book of his teachings which he might have written.  Was he an intelligent man? If he was surely he had the ability to write. And if he did don’t you think he would have written a book that would have been passed down through all of these years like the Buddha’s teachings were?

Can we confidently say that the teachings of Jesus are equal with that of Buddhism?

Do any of you really know?  If you do and if it’s not too much to distract you from this celebration of Jesus’ death…oh forgive me…his death AND resurrection, I would gladly welcome your views on this matter.

Happy Easter everyone.

Cool Your Pits, We’re Working On It

Calming Soothing Collective Coins

Jangling into the sag line of the torch

Be it pretty maids a milking

Or sanguine horses rumbling

Or seashores that Sally picked

Copper popcorn Pulitzer prize cornbread from

Its all an elementary reality born to be boring


Lakeside views so astonishing

Settling down for a cup of cold coffee

Or jumping out of an indoor fragrant piece of mortar shell

You started to coin the phrase

But forgot where you left the note to nowhere

Can you see what is staring at you

Or through the velocity of someone having fun?

Its all an elementary reality born to be boring


Call to me you said you’d write to him Thursday

For it just wasn’t your cup of tea

Remembering that Sunday’s Monday wasn’t really what you bargained for

I see said the blind man…..I see

Then he saw

He saw with the planer and hopped toward the opening

And left you lying inconspicuously floundering

But where is the remnant of your belief?

Its all an elementary reality born to be boring


Now it comes down to the wire

Where you left it to tend to something evasive

Now its your flagrant mishaps of reason

That tail you and fail you toward succeeding

But back at the ranch where suzie lays stripping

She said it would only be for a while

Did she say that or trip on her belch as she copes with tomorrow’s lengthy diatribe?

No, she’s counting her fingers

For what does it profit a man, or a woman in this case if they fall over themselves

In tumultuous tumbling dice of forgetting

Well, you guessed it…..

It’s all an elementary reality born to be boring

And enlightened though they may be

It’s not